Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: Baking with Grandma

This is a old photo from June 1983

Trica went with her Grandparents to Indiana that summer to visit Jan, Ron and Bethany.

Trica Bethany and Evelyn June 1983

Trica would have been 11 years old that summer, Bethany (Far Guy’s sister’s daughter) would have been about 3 years old and Grandma (Far Guy’s Mom) would have been 69 years old.  It looks like they were going to bake a cake.  The photo was taken at the house in Clarksville Indiana.

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  1. I bet Tricia has sweet memories of that visit. Cute little helper in the background there!

  2. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that the 80s are now retro! Where did all the time go? :-)

  3. I love photos that capture everyday activities. Remember making cakes without a box mix?

  4. What a wonderful picture! I keep asking myself where does the time go. I'm like DJan it seems like the 80s were just yesterday.

  5. My favorite snapshots are the "story goes with it" ones.

  6. I also agree--seems like it as just the 80s!
    Sweet picture.

  7. Great picture and memories for all involved.


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