Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wistful Wednesday : 1980 something

This is a polaroid photo and Far Guy’s Dad took it at the house in Moorhead sometime about 1980-1981.

Gene in Moorhead umknown year

It was before we had the patio door,  the dining room had been repainted and the wainscoating was up…previously it was some kind of wall paper and navy blue paint.  This was the house we bought when the interest rate was 18 %. UFFDA

Far Guy had hair.  He kinda has his Tom Selleck look going on here.  He worked days and I worked nights.

That is good ole Pansy in the birdcage. She belonged to our oldest daughter Trica. For the life of me I cannot recall when Pansy died.

I do remember how ABC 123 died.

I have heard that when your brain is full it dumps some of the insignificant stuff memories…not that I didn’t like the little bird.  Perhaps her death was peaceful. ( For the record Far Guy doesn’t recall either.)

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  1. I love the early 80s. They were very good years! :-D

  2. I was hoping you would tell us how ABC-123 got its name! My brain must be full, too, because I have those moments. Maybe your daughter can help you out. Mine are invaluable that way -- except they don't always remember the same thing! But that's whole 'nother problem.

    1. Jennifer was three or four years old and she liked ABC 123 so what do you do...crush your child because she chose a different name?

  3. Far Guy is definitely handsome! He is rocking' that Tom Selleck look. We had a Polaroid camera, too. I recognize the look of the picture. :-)

  4. Polaroid cameras were revolutionary. I haven't thought about them in years.

  5. Old photos bring back many memories.

  6. Ah! Polaroids! I remember your story about ABC 123's demise. FarGuy was quite the handsome devil! ;) I hope you're not getting the wind advisory we have had for two days. Almost blowing the birds right off the feeder!

  7. I can definitely see the resemblance to TS.

  8. Eighteen percent?!?! Brave souls! I remember when it was 16%--that was when I knew we'd never be able to buy our own home...glad that time's long gone!

  9. We too bought in 1981. The seller carried the mortgage for 16% for a while, and then we had to remortgage with the bank for 18%. Five years later when we wanted to sell, mortgage rates were down, and so were property prices. We only got 2/3 of what we paid for it, but since everything was down, we were still able to 'upgrade' and buy the property we have now.

  10. What a sad story about 123abc but also the redemption was awesome! Yes, great photo and great story! I love Duluth and especially the North Shore but didn't know about the ridge.


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