Friday, November 14, 2014

Madison Indiana

October 30, 2014

Far Guy found a smallish town along the Ohio River to visit.   There was a wonderful road that skirts the river.  There was no traffic.  It seems Madison is a summertime town.

Bridge across the Ohio

We drove up and down, finally located a dog park…but guess what?  It was locked.  You had to sign up pay a fee and get a code that would unlock the park area…bummer…is that anyway to treat tourist doggies?

Oh well there was a large antique shop where we wiled away part of the morning.  I bought some old photos and a couple of trinkets that will be Christmas Gifts.

We headed for Main Street.

Awesome old buildings in Madison

I saw a Bead Shop so we stopped and walked around.  Yes I bought some beads.  Inside the store I visited with the shopkeeper and a local…they said it’s SO cold…how can you stand it without a coat…(it was 45 degrees.)  The shopkeeper said “It’s going to snow here tomorrow night so I am staying here, because I have never driven in snow before and I live 45 minutes away.”  I told them “I am from Minnesota and we just brought the cold and snow with us as a special gift.”  They said “Thanks anyway y’all go back to Minnesota.”

Main street madison

Most of the old buildings in town have been renovated. There were many different shops…I could have visited a Psychic by the name of Mary.

Lanier Mansion

Many of the old houses were beautiful, this is the Lanier Mansion.  It was built in the 1840’s by a lawyer turned banker turned railroad tycoon… we didn’t go for a tour…maybe next time.  In its day Madison was a destination along the river.

Chance and gene in Madison Indiana

Far Guy and Chance at the visitors center in Madison.


All in all Madison is a pretty little town.   Many of the leaves were still turning there.

We left about noon, I tried to punch in two locations in Louisville Kentucky that we wanted to visit…but apparently our Garmin is full and deleted all states south of Indiana.  There was no way I was going to find where we wanted to go without a Garmin.  So we headed off to Far Guy’s sister and brother in laws home fifty miles away to unpack, walk Chance and borrow their Garmin.

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  1. I love visiting different cities, especially older ones that date back in time. The Ohio River Valley is very pretty. Love your pictures. Have a great weekend.

  2. I know lots of people who are dependent on their Garmin for directions. What a different world we live in today! Remember when we used MAPS? :-)

  3. What a pretty little town, Safe travels and stay warm!

  4. What an interesting trip and so nice that Chance could come along too. Loved the pictures of old buildings.

    Shirley H.

  5. Looks like a fun town to explore.

    My Garmin is so old it probably would get me lost if I tried to use it.

  6. That Main Street looks just the way you'd want a Main Street to look.

  7. What a beautiful town! Just catching up on your posts- you can keep that snow and cold down there thanks! It is a bit cold here but no snow yet, although we can see it descending the mountain, getting closer and closer....

  8. A paper map atlas is a good thing. :)

    Those folks didn't sound too friendly though.

  9. I wonder if Madison is in Madison County. Isn't that were the covered bridges are?

    1. Madison Indiana is in Jefferson County. I think you must be thinking of Winterset Iowa where The Bridges of Madison County are:)

  10. Morning, oh I loved seeing the old buildings, great pictures.Blessings Francine.

  11. I was distracted when I first read your blog. I went back to the start and realized you were in Ohio. It makes more sense when I know where you actually were. We use to travel with Button and it took a couple of days for a poodle to settle down to being a traveler. He would stop about anywhere but was picky about his grass.

  12. My comment was placed on the wrong blog (by me!) Anyway, I love your photos and tales of your trips.

  13. Great photo of FG and Chance at the Visitor Center. Glad you got to shop a little in a small, casual setting. Wishing you guys a good weekend. I nearly killed myself yesterday, walking before realizing my foot was asleep. Looks like a long boring weekend!

  14. Looks like you are having a grand time. Enjoy the warm weather!

  15. Preserve is the key word. This town shows real class in keeping and maintaining old buildings.

  16. I feel the same way about the google maps lady on my iPhone! Sometimes she plays little jokes on me, like last weekend she kept calling Vine Street WINE Street and I wasn't sure if she was taking me to the right place of not. (She was.)
    Madison has a pretty, old-fashioned downtown.

  17. That is a pretty town. I can't believe they don't get snow? We get snow down here....what's up with Indiana?

  18. Our smart phones and Google maps have replaced our Garmin. But isn't it just so much fun to explore little old towns, especially when they have an antique store.

  19. I love to travel like you all are, by car. So much to see and little shops to visit. I love the way the town of Madison looks. I could live there!

  20. Fall...ours is long gone. What a beautiful place!



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