Sunday, November 9, 2014

Along the Mississippi

After we left Lark Toys we continued along the road that runs alongside the Mississippi River.

I am not sure where these bluffs were…south of Winona Minnesota for sure, but I didn’t take a photo of the town sign.

Twin Bluffs

A Bluff in Southern MN

This is the far one in the previous photo.  I said “I wouldn’t want to live under that one…even if it was a beautiful house with a porch.”

Bridges at LaCrosse

This is the bridge at La Crosse Wisconsin, we crossed over to the Wisconsin side to follow the Mississippi River some more.

Wisconsin Highway

The fall colors were fading along the roadsides.

De Soto Wisconsin

I almost missed taking a photo of this little town in Wisconsin.  My husband had a Desoto station wagon a long time ago.

Islands in the Mississippi

We were both surprised at the number of islands and strips of land that are in the river.  What fun a young boy could have exploring!  There are a number of locks and dams too, I wish we would have had time to stop and see how the locks worked.

As you can tell from the photos it was a dreary day…we hoped to make it to Dubuque Iowa but it got dark and we were tired so we found a motel in Prairie du Chien Wisconsin…and a nice park where we could go for a walk.  The Motel didn’t have Wifi but a restaurant down the road did.  The motel was nothing to write home about but they accepted dogs and it was reasonably clean.  There was a yappy little dog next door but there was good lighting outside and an empty lot out back to walk Chance.  The shower was hot and the TV got lots of channels so we watched some old Black and White movies.

We drove about 413 miles that day..far enough for one day.

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Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! Sounds like your all having a nice trip ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day and happy trails !

DJan said...

I agree that 400 miles is plenty to cover in one day. That was about my limit when traveling, too, unless I just had to get somewhere. And then I would be wiped out the next day. Your motel sounded adequate. Just. :-)

Travels with Emma said...

I've been over that bridge more times than I can count. I enjoyed a pleasant walk along the river from the WI visitor's center one time and met a very serious 12 year old fisherman there. :)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, oh Connie, guess whats falling from the sky today? hint, it white..... Lovely pictures, nice to travel, Blessings Francine.

Gail said...

Hope you are enjoying your journey. It is wise to stop wayyyy before you get too tired. We made that mistake last year. It certainly sets a planting bed for cranky.

Have a blessed trip.

Lynda said...

400 miles is definitely more than enough. It would be for the arthritis we have. We are so stiff when we get out of a car after riding any distance We definitely have to stop about every 90 mins to 2 hours. So glad Chance got to go with you! I saw the forecast. Brrrrr for sure and looks like your snow stick will get used.

Red said...

For doing 400 miles a day you saw a lot of good stuff.

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh! You're in my old "stomping grounds". I almost bought a building across the bridge in Iowa from Prairie Du Chien but I didn't as there was flooding concerns. Neat towns on the river though and the highway with the river on one side and the bluffs on the other looked so much like my hometown around Galena and Savannah especially. (Illinois) You would love Galena...not far from Dubuque, home of President Grant and very historic. I love road trips.....and I used to love driving but since the eye operations....and the RA I get tired after and an hour! LOL! I need a "driver".....I think I was wealthy in my last life! LOL! What a great trip you had and I appreciate you sharing it as I don't go anywhere. It was "my kind" of trip and I like taking the old highways that go through the little towns. I love small towns. So glad you had a "chance" to get away.

L. D. said...

I like Dubuque. We were forced to detour through there to get to Chicago when the great floods hit 6 or 7 years ago. I know four families from the past that live there now. It is too bad the weather was so grey. The river area is so fascinating to me being a land lubber in the middle of the state. We cross at I 80 normally and I am so amazed at to how big the river is and how many people have houses built along the water.

Terry and Linda said...

ohhhhhhhhhh that is way Far enough!


Jacqi Stevens said...

Well, you caught some clouds with character. What a varied set of overcast skies! The roadside color still made a great shot. Not a bad idea to drive along the river...but oh, the distance you cover each day! Hope you took some time to get out and stretch your legs.