Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: Logan Iowa

The Logan Iowa (Harrison County) area was where Far Guys Grandparents were born and raised.

This is his Great Grandmother Martha Aleck. She was born in a log cabin in 1868 and married in 1889.   She was divorced in about 1914.Martha Jane Aleck Henderson

This photo was most likely taken about 1889, I think it may be an engagement photo or wedding photo as her ring is featured prominently.

 Martha Jane henderson Possibly in Logan Iowa

She died in 1944.  This photo was not dated, but I suspect it was taken in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s.  I think this photo was taken near her house in Logan with the cemetery in the background.

henderson House in Logan Iowa 1986

This was Martha’s house in Logan Iowa, I took this photo in 1986.  That same day we visited the cemetery in Logan.  I took a few photos but not many.  I should have taken photos of grave markers.

Cemetery in Logan Iowa 1986

Evelyn, Aunt Charlotte, Far Guy and by the tree Marvin and Uncle Herman.  When I found this photo I wondered what they were looking at near those trees. A grave marker maybe.

The last few times we were that way we didn’t have time to stop.  Too busy, had to be home for something or it was winter time.  ( Our oldest Daughter used to live in Elkhorn Nebraska a suburb of Omaha.  Logan Iowa is about 30 miles from Omaha Nebraska.) 

I didn’t realize that the Lincoln Highway went right through downtown Logan.  The Lincoln Highway used to be the East West route between New York City and San Francisco…at one time it would have been a wagon road.  They have a wonderful history center in Logan and I would like to see the old train depot.

I sense a spring time trip to Iowa coming on to answer a few questions and visit some relatives.  It should be on the list of things to do!

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  1. I love your Wistful Wednesday and all the old photographs.

  2. Martha getting divorced must have been a scandal at the time. People didn't do that much back then, did they? Love the old pictures, they remind me of ones that my parents had in an old suitcase, but nobody was left who remember who they were taken of. :-)

  3. Wow!!!! Love the first old photo, amazes me to see these pictures taken way back when, thanks for sharing, enjoy....Keep Warm, Francine.

  4. I love old pictures and stories like this. My husband has a box of some of the oldest pictures I have ever seen. Nobody wrote any names on them, so we have no idea who they are. Funny, one has a note with an arrow saying,"grandma's first boyfriend". Who's grandma?

  5. A great post and fabulous photos. I can tell that Martha was a strong woman and independent, to boot!

    Yes, I think you need to plan a road trip and get photos of the grave markers. It would be interesting to see if Martha's house is still there.

  6. Lovely photos and post ! I like looking through old family photos and repeating the good memories of them . Oh Spring come on lol ! It is to warm up here and rain by the weekend YA ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. Road trip coming up and tentatively on the calendar! It's interesting about her being divorced in the early 1900s. That's unusual for that era. She was a hearty woman - - - life was still very difficult at the time she grew up.

  8. She looks like a strong woman. Divorced in 1914, I bet that was unusual in that day and age?

  9. Great post... I am BIG into Family History --and am always interested in seeing more of others' ancestors... Yes---it's good to get photos of grave markers in cemeteries.


  10. I remember when we attended a funeral in the Logan area that Far Guy had relatives there. We were at the funeral last fall and were in Logan at the large white wooden church. We didn't get directions for the cemetery so we just stopped at the church. The funeral was in the town north of there. Later I found out that my superintendent, Anderson and a science teacher. Wunschel. both graduated there. That is amazing the Lincoln highway went through there but it explains the concrete bridge structure at the bottom of the hill before going up into Logan.

  11. Family history trips are so much fun. Do it!

  12. Oh, I do hope your spring trip to Iowa works out. This time, I know you'll take plenty of pictures!

  13. Our ancestors lived some amazing lives. They faced hardships and carried on. it's great that you can find your history and then explain it.

  14. Great photo of Far Guys Great Grandmother. A divorce in the early 1900's was a rarity. I hope you get to take a trip to Logan in the spring.

  15. I have enjoyed reading your post about Logan, Iowa. I live in Logan and have been trying to picture where this house is located. Do you know the address? If there are any pictures of headstones that you would like I would be happy to take them for you, just let me know. The cemetery was very pretty over the weekend with all the flowers and the avenues of flags, very impressive.

  16. I have enjoyed reading about your visit to Logan. I live here and have been trying to,picture where Martha's house would be, I'm sure it looks different today. I would be happy to take some pictures of headstones for you,if you would tell me what you want. The cemetery was very pretty this weekend with all the flowers and the avenues of flags. I hope you can come back to visit sometime.

    1. Thanks Stitches, we had planned a trip there last week but my husband became to ill to travel. We will make it there one of these days:)


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