Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some People

Someone called doing a survey, a very cheerful lady.  Possibly I skewed the results of her survey but woe is she who interrupted my thoughts.

Far Guy has taken to going in front of me and unloading the cart in the grocery store so he is the one they ask “Have you found everything today?”  He lies.  I asked the Store Manager why the bulk dried apricots were not on the shelf…he went back and asked the produce manager…backordered.

They put my bread in a bag.  I must have been scowling as I left the store. Our usual bag boy Eric stopped me and  said “What’s wrong did they squish your bread?”  “Yup” I replied “And they put it in a bag.”  He said “OH my, I would never do that to YOU, I know better.”

If I wanted bread squished down in a bag I would squish it myself…yessiree I would make flat bread out of it myself…but to have the people at the checkout counter mutilate your bread…I find that unacceptable.  If it were up to me I would make them take Proper Bread Handling Technique Classes.

My grocery cart had a wobbly wheel, that was a real treat to push along in the slushy parking lot, it felt like I was trying to push a Sherman Tank with stuck track.   By the time the groceries were unloaded and I returned the cart to the proper rack in the parking lot I was shot.  When did grocery shopping become a fitness event?

We are still struggling with Direct TV, they fixed my TV so good that it stopped changing channels…it worked just fine before they “fixed” it.  It was Far Guy’s TV with the problems…that never got fixed either by three repair persons.  This is day 21 of horrid Direct TV problems.  We even have a case worker now, finally a new receiver was sent out to replace the new receiver we got last week. Today is the day we will call them to get it activated…probably after a hour or so waiting and listening to how I can go online and fix all my problems.  If I were buying stock ( and I am not) I would steer clear of a company that has such poor customer service and faulty equipment.


Crappy Days

Now here is a crappy business for ya…yah you betcha dose Finns got a goot cents of humor you know den.

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  1. Ha ha ha - stool bus!

  2. Love there sense of humor, to funny.....Hope you have a good day, Blessings Francine.

  3. LOL I love the Stool Bus. So glad to see someone with a sense of humor these days. Humor seems to be "lost" now days.

  4. Well, you sure made me laugh with this one, every single sentence, ending with the picture of the Stool Bus. :-)

  5. Yesterday was grocery day for us too. Squished bread and banged up bananas!

  6. Get a Roku and stream TV. I live wayyyy out in the boonies and we started streaming, cut the dish bill down to basic minimum for news (cannot get off the air or we would not have kept THAT). Love it. Watch what we want when we want. Just make sure your net has unlimited data plan as I guess streaming will eat it up.

  7. After reading a lot of your posts, I've decided that customer service is better in Canada, or at least our part of it:)
    Laughed at the stool bus:) I've noticed that a lot of the business signs these days, or the signs out in front of churches, have a play on words and get a smile out of me.

  8. Stool bus! It took me a long time to see that one. Good one!

  9. Sorry blogger is acting up for me here again lol
    Just one of those day ya should of stayed in bed lol ! When we do the groceries I pay and Papa does the packing so that our bread doesn't end up all squished and he is worse then I am for being the master packer lol ! Stool bus ? nasty lol .Hope all the problems work out better for you , take a step back and a breath and shake it off . Thanks for sharing .

  10. At over $2 a loaf, I get cranky when the bread is crushed or stuffed in a bag!

    Love the photo.

  11. You sound like me...I need more daylight! 3.5 more months of Winter...at least the days are getting longer now.
    Thanks for the good laugh at the butt end! :)

  12. Life becomes a bit more of a fitness event every year, I swear. Stay warm!

  13. Hope that gave you a smile at least, Far Side.
    I hear you on poor customer service. That was why we got rid of our land line phone ten years ago or so. It was 5 years later when a technician was working on a problem for a neighbor that they finally found the problem with our line. We told them don't bother as we all had cell phones.
    *hugs* ♥

  14. Well the stool bus made me laugh!

  15. Oh boy, what a day you've had!

  16. I needed a good laugh! The whole thing is funny. It's the bananas that drive me crazy. I pick out a perfect bunch, get home and the bananas are in the bag with the canned goods.

  17. Or the eggs...why on earth do they not teach them not to put eggs on the bottom of the bag?

    Now here is my biggest gripe. RAW MEAT packed with my salad ingredients, cookies, or bread.

    BIG SIGH. See, all caps, this is a real bad thing with me.

    I'm so close to giving up shopping at our local rip off grocery store...seriously there are a few cashiers that are driving me bananas...which incidentally they do put on the bottom of the bag too.

    If I ever so politely ask them to remove the raw dripping meat from the package of cookies I have just seen them dump into the bag, they get upset.

    One cashier who thankfully has retired, even was huffing and puffing in anger because I dared to ask for the meat to be separate. she actually left her till and made another cashier come on to help me out...get a stinklng life...Oh I am so demanding..NOT.

    I feel your frustration.

    And as for that darling bag boy Eric, he deserves a kind word of praise to the manager, and suggest a raise. That's customer service.


  18. That is one thing I forgot about.....pushing the grocery cart through the snowy/slushy parking lot and then standing in the cold and sleet to put the groceries in the car. I must admit with my SUV the hatch opens and shields me from the weather unless, of course, it is blowing horizontally. I stock up enough here that I don't have to go out when it's nasty. I've been saying that going to the store is like going to Vegas....as you never know what it's going to cost until you "check out"....it true gambling when I go to the store anymore. I think they should have "smart carts" so it totals your purchases as you add them to your cart and vice versa if you want to take some things out and stay within your budget. Now that 's a store that would get ALL my business!
    Love the "stool bus"...remember the guy on Red Green with the "handy dandy suction" truck? LOL!
    Sorry about your bread....I make my own so I don't run into that problem but don't worry....I have other problems. LOL!

  19. I have never actually heard anything good about Direct TV, to be honest. If I was going to invest in anything I think I might like a company that puts bigger wheels on shopping carts. ;)
    Yah! Does Finns give me da shuckles!!

  20. "Stool bus"! Ha ha ha
    Customer service? Bah bah bah.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  21. It seems I always get the broken, squeaky cart. Drives me bats!


  22. You crack me up. I love reading the confessions of a picky person. I makes me fell so normal. People, SOME people are so, so them, that I rarely get out any more. My absolute favorite is when I have to drive our big pickup into the city. Then "some" people come out in droves!


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