Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Countdown : Six Weeks

Six weeks until I can close the museum doors.  This week will be a hot one, we have heat and humidity.  Temperatures will be 90 degrees F today (32 C).

I have much to finish up in six weeks.  Programs to plan for next year.  “Stuff” to be accessioned. Shelves to be cleared off. Perhaps even the “stuff” under my desk that has been sitting there for years will find a home. ( It was all “stuff” I inherited from the last Director.)

The last Thursday noon program is this week.  They have been a success but I won’t be doing them next year.  If someone else wants to volunteer to find the speakers and be there to greet people and be in charge..GFI…Go For It.  I have proved it can be done, it will bring more people into the museum and it is a great community outreach effort.  However even I have limitations.  It takes too much time away from my other duties. 

I have met some marvelous new people this summer, and some of my old favorites have returned.   Mary and Larry read my blog and stopped by to meet me! It was a pleasure to visit with them!   My good buddy Jimmy from Lincoln Nebraska, the kid who wants to be a museum curator returned for his third summer, he noticed the changes and complimented me on the displays that had been improved!  Not many adults notice…leave to a kid!   Kayla who is like my shadow on days she volunteers  also wants to be a museum curator when she grows up. The last time she came in to volunteer she missed time at a local amusement park…how many kids would do that?   People that come in and at the end of their visit say “Wow, we didn’t realize you had so much cool stuff in this building!”  Those are the people I enjoy…that is what keeps me going… at least for six more weeks.Toggery display

Two new display cases were moved into The Toggery last spring.  They looked wonderful. The pink was just fine, but the bottom parts of the display needed something.


One volunteer with some paint and some wallpaper made a big difference.  Everything pops out in the bottom of those displays now. One improvement at a time:)

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  1. Impressive changes! You certainly are a blessing to that museum.

  2. Those are some nice changes. That is so special that people who read your blog would come over to the museum to meet you and see what you do there. The museum certainly is very fortunate to have you.

  3. What a difference in the before and after pictures. I don't remember knowing anybody who wanted to be a museum curator when they grew up, and you know at least two. You are definitely making a difference in people's lives as well as the museum itself. :-)

  4. Amazing the difference in the bottom shelves. Nice work! On all of it, especially encouraging the young people in their passion for tangible history.

  5. Amazing what a little paint will do. The improvement is significant!
    You should be very proud of all of your accomplishments. I do hope someone takes over the Thursday talks - they sound fascinating.
    I love that two kids want to be curators. You have been a huge influence on their lives, and the future for many folks who will visit the museums where they work!

  6. Fantastic!

    Dear Hubbard County Community:
    Step up and help this lady keep the museum a vital part of the community. Volunteer to help with the updating projects, volunteer to take on the Thursday noon program, show that you are proud of your community by getting involved with fund-raising, educating, and cleaning. You've got a good thing here with FarSide as your Director, but she cannot do it by herself.

  7. You will do many more amazing things in your next six weeks! Hang in there:)
    Amazing how the white makes the display pop. I remember when we were buying our closet system from IKEA. The sales person highly recommended that we buy the parts that were white on the inside. The trendy dark closets made it really hard to see what you had in them.

  8. It sounds like you have been a valuable asset to the museum and an influence to those youngsters as well. I can't believe what a huge difference such a little change made in that display!\
    Keep on keeping on.

  9. I do hope someone steps forward to continue the speaker series! I, too, am impressed with the difference a white background makes for the exhibit items.

  10. It's refreshing to hear about the two promising young people and how fun to meet blog friends, too. Hope the 6 weeks goes by smoothly. I enjoy the photos of your displays.

  11. Volunteers are a treasure. Looks like an inspiring place to work!

  12. Six weeks will fly by and the next thing you know it is gone! You did a great job from what I have read and seen!

  13. Reading your post I can tell how much satisfaction you get out of being the museum director. Sometimes there are long frustrating times and sometimes it all comes together quickly. Enjoy the next six weeks.

  14. If that's an example, you do have a lot of cool stuff!
    How fun to have blog readers drop in, and the lovely young people.

  15. How inspiring to hear about those museum-curators-in-training. You are a great inspiration, both to those young people, and to many others...including those of us who will probably never get the chance to actually see all the projects you have completed for your museum.

  16. Yeah for Countdowns ~ then you can be Spontaneous! Yes it has been warm (hot) ~ perfect for a few days of Mustang driving! Guess I got my "wish" for a little more of summer :) But we sure do need the water....

  17. It is so heartening to know that museums like yours are preserving the history of rural communities and "regular" people's lives. Not just kings and queens and presidents and railroad tycoons and folks like that. And exciting that some of the next generation is interested in continuing that.
    I hope you can enjoy your last few weeks and not work so hard! It will all be there next spring.

  18. Although you close the doors you don't stop. You plan and do and have and create all the rest of the year...you only do it at home and therefore, for free!


  19. It is amazing what a little paint and wallpaper will do--and a volunteer!! LOL!
    The countdown begins. I especially love those kids who appreciate history. :)


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