Monday, November 17, 2014

The Wedding

November 1st in Indiana the day started out cold…and there was snow on the patio furniture.  Our hope was that during the day the weather would clear up and the sun would come out.

We had almost the whole day…the wedding was to take place at 5:30.   Chance and I manned the fort with Ernie while Far Guy, Jen, Andy, Noah and Adam were out doing cave explorations.   The dogs and I got Ron organized and looking dashing in his tux and sent him off.  Cufflinks…who wears them anymore…and it was a good thing the tie was tied it only had to be adjusted to avoid strangulation.No Snow on the Pumpkins or flowers No snow on the pumpkins or the Mum’s.

No snow or rain 

No snow or rain and the sun is shining!  It was 44 degrees!  It could be worse.

Warm Inside

It was warm inside.

The cake

The cake…I watched the gal decorate the cake in place…it was interesting!

RJ the groom

I kidnapped the groom for some photos in the Vineyard.

Bethany and her Dad Ronnie

Here is the bride, Bethany and her father Ron.

The cross ceremony

They had a beautiful ceremony.  The white cross is a unity cross.

The Unity Cross is actually a small sculpture.  The outer part is placed on the wood stand by the groom it symbolizes his strength and boldness, the bride places the inner part which is delicate and beautiful. Three pegs which represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are placed into the sculpture securing the outside to the inside…that symbolizes God’s place in the covenant of marriage.

Happy Couple

The happy couple…a bit chilly but happy!

The bride is beautiful

The bride was beautiful!

Mother of the bride and the bride

The Mother of the Bride (Jan… Far Guy’s only sibling) and the Bride.

bethany and her only Uncle

The Bride and her only and favorite Uncle… Far Guy.  The wind was coming up and I made him wear his  do rag.

It was a lovely wedding!  We were happy to be there.  We  enjoyed a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres of smoked salmon, cheese and crackers, little meatballs, chips and salsa then after a short time the wedding meal was served.   So we ate again, roast pork, champagne chicken, haricot verts, potatoes, gravy and buns.  Then later we had wedding cake.  There was wine available all evening…Far Guy and I didn’t have any…Far Guy cannot drink with his medications and me…well if I drink a half of glass of wine and I would be looking for a place to lie down and sleep.

After awhile the music started and there was a dance.  We all danced at least one dance…and both of our grandsons danced with their Mother.  We left the dance early… Andy, Jen, Noah and Adam’s plane was leaving early the next morning.

Chance was at the wedding too…he did just fine waiting in the car.

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  1. What a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's courage - an outdoor wedding in November!! The bride does look lovely and the food sounds terrific.

  3. Good thing the weather cooperated. It could have been anything! Thanks for the great pictures of the wedding. I enjoyed it, and a picture of Far Guy to boot! :-)

  4. Such a sweet ceremony, and the bride doesn't even look like she is chilly at all in her gown. Lovely. But only 45 degrees. I'd be freezing with my teeth chattering through the vows. Glad Chance got to go along.

  5. I'm glad the sun was shining and the wedding could be held outside.

    The Unity Cross is beautiful as is the symbolism.

  6. Looks like a lovely wedding - not to mention that cake... ;-)

  7. Lovely wedding. I've been to weddings where a Unity Candle was part of the ceremony. First time I have seen a Unity Cross. It is beautiful, a wonderful keepsake, too.

  8. The wedding was beautiful. Glad to see that the sun was shining. Love the photo of the bride and Far Guy! I've never seen a unity cross like that. Neat!

  9. What a beautiful bride- beautiful cake too! That's great that the weather cooperated.

  10. I'll have to read older posts to figure out where you were, but definitely somewhere much farther south. It is dark here at 5:30. I felt cold looking at all that bare skin on the bride, but she would have much more occupying her mind than the temperature! What a lovely wedding though, and I'm glad the weather cooperated:)

  11. The wedding was beautiful and the bride too! The food sounds good! Same here with the wine. One glass and I'm not any good for anything!

  12. Great that things worked out fairly well. Nov. 1 for an outdoor wedding is pretty iffy!

  13. Oh what a beautiful bride. Nice wedding, glad all turned out.Blesings Francine.

  14. What a gorgeous bride! She looks stunning. Congrats and I wish the newlyweds much happiness. Beautiful setting for a wedding. Sounds like a great time.

  15. I really wondered about all the wandering the three of you were doing. I figured it was to go see a relative once I saw where you landed. A wedding was a great reason to go out and explore. It looked like a great event. The cake with the hand molded flowers looked great.

  16. What a wonderful day! Many Congratulations and wishes for a blessed union!

  17. I'll bet everyone was glad the dinner part wasn't outside, too. The bride's flowers are such a pretty color.

  18. I couldn't help but wonder why anyone not living in the tropics would plan an outdoor wedding for November 1st, but I' glad to see that it turned out beautifully.

  19. Brrr...winter for her outside wedding. She did look chilled in one of the photos...but radiant anyway!


  20. She DOES look cold :-o. Beautiful dress!

  21. Oh, it was gorgeous! What great usual! I wish them a long, happy life together. Yes, I drink a glass of red wine while I make dinner but that's it...anymore and I too would be asleep before the kitchen got cleaned up. Just a lovely, lovely wedding. The cake was gorgeous too.

  22. Now we know why the big trip...looks like fun. linda


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