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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Still FFFreezing

We are hunkered down.  The larders are full, we are awaiting the storm and the extreme cold. (Wind chills will be –40 F to –60F with actual temperatures hovering at-35 F or -37C )  We along with hoards of other people headed for town to stock up yesterday while it was above zero.  Whilst we were in town it sleeted and then rained…unbelievable.
I got to go into one of my favorite shops; “Linda’s  Recycled.”  She is an old classmate of mine who is even crankier than me. ( Hard to believe but true.)  I needed a book.  I hoard books both in the house and on my Kindle Fire. Now what could I possibly need another book for?

I joined another Altered Book Round Robin.  Altered books are old books with good bindings…that are altered artistically with fabric, paints, stamps, stickers you name it and it can go into an altered book.  Of course I could not buy just one book, I could not make up my mind so I purchased: Apples of Gold a pretty little book with great sayings “Patience---in time the grass becomes milk.”  Working and Playing an old reader with beautiful illustrations from the 1950’s “See the Gingerbread Man put him in the pan” said Mary Ann. AND last but not least The World’s Best Dirty Jokes  “ The Judge came home and found his wife in bed with his best friend.  “Hey what do you think you are doing?”  To which the wife replied to the man in bed with her “See I told you he was stupid.” It is from the 1970’s so it isn’t real racy…but probably not appropriate for an altered book exchange.  ( Two of the gals would be fine with it, but I don’t know the other gals…there are eight of us in the Round Robin.)

I have projects going all over the house..scrapbooking, Christmas Cards, a photo project and some Christmas decorations are still up along with the Shiny Brite tree, two unfinished crochet projects and now I add to that an Altered Book Project and I have to make more Sympathy cards as they are leaving the house faster than I can make them…cold weather will do that… people drop like flies.  

The Direct TV Repair person is supposed to be here this morning if he doesn’t freeze to death.

The third fourth thing finally broke..Far Guy’s DVD player bit the dust.  It was 12 years old…he tried to repair it…unsuccessfully…but I am certain some motor or some part of it will be salvaged.  AND the new one he bought is not working properly…the instructions are in the box in the garage…downright handy when you are trying to figure out how new things work. He is not a happy camper.

Wherever you are stay safe and warm.
Main Street


  1. And here I am complaining because our summer weather seems to have gone walkabout - 18c/64f today! Ive been walking about in long sleeves and long trousers.
    Remind me not to complain when our winter arrives and it could possibly go down to 0c/32f !
    As you said - stay safe and warm
    Take care

  2. Well, -31 here this morning, and I have to go to work, yuk!!!!!! stay warm, Francine.

  3. Brrr! Glad you are safe and warm in those hideous conditions. Far Guy might have to take up reading books, it seems. At least in the short run. :-)

  4. It isn't too bad here- just went out to feed the horses in crocs with no socks...LOL I think it is 32 degrees, but it looks suspiciously like rain, which probably means ice. Brrr!

  5. Stay safe and keep warm. Glad you are all Hunkered down and prepared.

  6. We are getting a taste of the bitter cold below zero temps for highs on Monday. I am so longing for Spring!!
    Stay warm!

  7. And to think, I posted about the weather! Makes me ashamed! I'm sorry. :)

  8. Today I am grateful I am not further North. The weather is coming in but just mere inches of snow with double digits on the plus side.

    Stay warm, stay safe.

  9. Hi there, Girl that is cold! We woke up to snow this morning but the temps aren't even in the negatives-though we had them there over Christmas. We are planning on staying in and watching football today. Of course on Monday we are going up to the Rockies for two days to go snowshoeing-might just stay inside there too if it is too cold.
    Have a great weekend and stay safe.

  10. A friend sent me a altered book and it was so cute and looked like fun to make.
    What hearty souls you people are way up north. I have been reading a diary of a family in Jefferson County N.Y.
    and they talk about how cold the winters are in the 1900 up to 1940's. It is called Mrs. Minnie G. Conklin Diaries

  11. I thought it was cold here, little do I know! Stay warm! We just got done taking down our tree this morning.

  12. We have 10 degrees this morning but with the wind it is somewhere in negative degrees with the wind chill. It rained or sleeted last night so everything is really slippery today. I went to the gas station and grocery store this morning along with the rest of the town. So I think I am ready for the really really cold weather.
    Stay warm and enjoy working on your projects.

  13. Stock up is a smart thing to do when bad weather is in the forecast. good joke books are a must.
    Now around our place a number of things have fallen apart. why do they all have to go at the same time...Do detector, furnace thermostat, toilet tank valve? The reluctant repair man has been busy.

  14. A storm dropped 6 - 8 inches here last night: it even surprised the weather people. It took me forever to shovel the drive and the walk this morning, but I had to go to a funeral. Kind of hard to get around with a car on unplowed streets, but I managed to get there and back without incident. Sure do love my front-wheel drive and ABS brakes. It will be COLD tonight as the skies are beginning to clear.

  15. We've been reading about your horrid wind chill. Right now we have nasty, nasty wind, side flying sleet and cold. But nothing like you are going through.


  16. Cleared snow off the front and back steps this morning when it was still about +15 F. Now the temps are dropping, and we're not planning to venture out until Tuesday morning, if the schools are open. Stay warm and safe!

  17. I, too, will buy another book(s) when I have bookcases waiting to be read!!! However, I want it for when I am ready for it! The only good news I see about your cold weather - - - - is you have plenty of projects to keep you busy until it warms back up. Poor Chance - - - so sorry he has to go out to do his necessary business.

  18. WOW, it is much warmer up here in Alaska. Glad you are hunkered down with lots of good projects to work on. Happy New Year!

  19. 6 more inches to our already 9 on the ground tonight. Expecting MInnesota like temps for highs monday (-13)
    Ive got a new knit project and a book from my son to read. Pork chops with a new recipe and food for breakfast smoothies…I'm set

  20. Why there won't be chickens in the Spring: the barn has collapsed in a pile of rubble, and part of it fell right in front of the chicken coop. The coop is appears to still be standing, but I can't get to it. Even so, last time I peeked in there (looking for a bucket) I could see it was not secure to keep chickens safe and it's in an even more precarious state because a groundhog made a significant burrow under the foundation (no more explanation about that needed, I think). Richard would have to build a coop. He is now 3 years behind on the bathroom remodeling project, the dog pen he bought in the Spring is not put up yet... and so it goes

  21. The offer for you to move here and be my neighbour still stands....is it looking better by the day?

    That's beyond cold..brrrrr.

    We have been having a good run of the breakdowns too, and I sadly am glad to know it's not just us. I don't mean that in a not nice way at all...but after the expensive water line, the stove, the washer, and dryer, and the hot water tank, ...it's nice not to be alone. Sorry about that.


  22. You always stay so busy! Stay hunkered in - sure was thinking of you watching the weather on the news!


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