Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wistful Wednesday :1983

Remember those days gone by when you cleaned up your kids, made sure their hair was presentable and you took off to the local mall, or grocery store (Piggly Wiggly) or KaMe ApaRT to get the photo special?  You usually had to wait in line and hope your kid stayed presentable while you were waiting…and didn’t cry.

We rarely had extra money for a real photographer…perhaps that is why I don’t mind taking photos of my great nieces and nephews.  Some stores would run a 99 cent special…one 8 X 10 for 99 cents and then there were add ons ...the photos were taken one day and then about two weeks later you could show up for the “pitch” and buy more.  If you had a budget and we usually did…something had to be worked around to get the extras.

In 1983 I took the girls to West Acres Mall for their Fall/Winter photos.  The photographer had different background screens and you could pick a couple of them.

T and J 1983 November

Trica was eleven and in sixth grade that year.  Jennifer was eight years old and in second grade.

Trica and jennifer 1983

Here is the wintery edition, it looks like they are sitting in a snowbank. I think we may have bought a few of these photos and sent them to Grandparents and Great Grandparents at Christmas time.

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  1. Oh, yes. Standing in line a K-Mart aisle until the baby was crying and the toddlers' clothes and hair all messed up .... Sure do! Now everyone goes outside and does these kind of shots in real snow or leaves. It costs a whole lot more though.

  2. Oh, yes! Most certainly remember doing that. Makes me think about all the photographers who have probably been put out of business by the digital age. Nowadays you can have videos, too! What a world, eh?

  3. I remember those days! Cute pictures of the girls.

  4. I remember. We bought a package deal
    for each of our three children at a downtown department store, good for six 8 X 10s, one at six months and one at one, two, three, four and five years old. We always bought a few more.

  5. I remember them, too, although we were too large and scattered a family ever to use them. I am envious of those people who grew up in one place with family close by. Love the fall picture. :-)

  6. Those are such cute pictures of Tricia and Jennifer. I remember taking Lynn and Andee too. Their's were mostly in black and white and I bought the 11 x 14 size to hang in the living room.

  7. I remember those backgrounds that photographers used. I have photos that were taken in front of a sunset.

  8. Ah the memories. 1980's and Mom dragged us to "Olan Mils". (A photograph place in the mall.) Same backdrops. The photographer, a nice old man, who had a talent for making our family photo look like a group of serial killers! My Dad was never happy about his picture... but Mom made us go every year. Cringe-worthy to say the least. And my Dad barely understood why I wanted to burn all those pictures after Mom died. (As mentioned above, he did not like those pics either.)

  9. I have been going thorough my children's old pictures.
    Your girls look cute and happy.

  10. We are wearing the same turtle necks... and those buck teeth!

    1. yes same turtlenecks , white with little stars. Your hair looks nice...

  11. Same thing happened here. We still treasure the photos.

  12. Very lovely photos of two sweet and lovely girls!! We also could only afford pics when the photographers had some kind of special going.

  13. Cute photos, great memories.
    We only had our school photos, and that's mostly what my kids had too.


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