Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Grands in October

I took the usual shortest to tallest photo last Sunday.

The grands Oct 8 2017

There was lots of grumbling…she has heels on and I took mine off…no fair.   Adam take your spot…is HE really the tallest now?  How can that be?  Yes if he doesn’t slouch he is the tallest.

This is also their birth order left to right.

Yes Adam really is the tallest and the youngest.

IMG_6192 (2)

Tall boys and their Dad. I wonder when Adam will grow taller than his Dad?

the girls 

The girls

Each of our grands are perfect…at least that is the way we see them.  Everyone is in school except for Savannah who is working two jobs to save up for more school and paying off her student loans. Noah is working while going to school.

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  1. What a good looking group of grands! And they are all holding down jobs! You can be proud of them and they can be proud of themselves. Love seeing these pictures.

  2. Your grandchildren are just lovely. You have much to be proud of . What great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. They are grown up people, and that kind of astounds me. I remember when they were just young kids. Great pictures. :-)

  4. Wow! How time flies! Great pics. They all seem to be doing really well and marking out good paths for themselves. :)

  5. Great looking kids. And I love how much your son looks like Blake Shelton!

  6. You have reason to be a proud grandmother.

  7. Fine looking grandchildren. It's too bad they grow up so fast.

  8. In the future, they will be glad that you take these yearly photos.

  9. Wonderful grandkids!! Looks like those boys are very close to being taller than their dad.

  10. I love your pictures of your grands and the order which gets switched as they grow. One of these days it will stick when they all stop growing....then they'll start shrinking like us! LOL! Good looking group and one to be very proud of!


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