Friday, October 20, 2017


We are not alone.  It seems that most of our area is being attacked by the Asian Lady Beetles.

Asian Lady Beatles

They don’t care… they will fly right in your mouth.  It sounds like rain drops as they splatter to their deaths on your windshield…they have orange colored innards.


They line up on the door to get in the house to vacation for the winter where it is warm.

Even Chance has had it with them flying around hitting him in the nose.  They have sharp mouth parts and if they bite you it hurts.

They have delayed window washing for a while.

I enjoyed the warm unseasonable October weather except for these bugs.

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  1. I hope they leave soon. I never heard of them before. Maybe the cold will kill them off. One can hope, anyway. :-)

  2. The thing that makes me the maddest about those bugs is the stinging. That and how they *look* like the sweet ladybugs. grrrr...

  3. Put some diatomaceous earth where you see them. It scratches their exoskeletons and they dry out and die.

  4. We get those awful bugs every fall. They line up around every door and window trying to get in the house. Poor Chance - I bet he is sick of them! Usually they go away with a good freeze at least.

  5. Disguised as the gentle innocent lady bugs. Stinkers!

  6. We "feel your pain." We have also had some not so fun times with these annoying bugs.

  7. I just saw one yesterday and I live in an apt. in Minneapolis. Wonder how it got in?

  8. diane in northern wisOctober 20, 2017 at 7:38 PM

    Yes we have them in northern Wisconsin too....but it looks like it might get cold next week and then, hopefully, we can all get rid of them! They give Ladybugs a bad name. They are nothing like the oldtime lady bugs...and I haven't seen an actual lady bug in years!

  9. How do you tell the difference between them and lady bugs? I thought the Asian ones didn't have spots. We don't have them here that I've seen but I remember them up North....they weren't always there....just the last 20 years or so?


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