Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jody’s Birthday

Today my other baby brother is older than he was yesterday.

I was nine years old when he was born.

50 years ago he posed for some photographs for me.  I was doing a photography project for 4 H.

Jody 1967

I was supposed to be capturing Action Shots. That Spruce tree in the background was planted by my baby brother (Carey) when he was little.  That patch of flowers is where the outhouse used to be.  The swing set had a glider and two swings.  On top of that pole on the left was a big old birdhouse with lots of rooms for birds.  In the background was the pasture….where beef cattle (Herefords) grazed.

Jody Action photo 1967

A nice shot of the lilacs and a blurry other baby brother on his bike.

Since I was older my other baby brother listened to me really well.  He talked non stop and asked why why why and I tried to answer as best I could…he was a curious kid.

Now he lives next door to us and plows snow for us in the winter.  He still talks a lot but it is good for his business and he knows more people than you can shake a stick at.



If you want something done right…a road built, a basement dug or a building site prepared or a brand new septic system then my other baby brother is the fellow to call.  That is him in the white hat.  They were working down on a local corner one day…here they are setting a culvert.

Happy Birthday Jody!

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  1. You are busy with the birthdays! Happy Birthday, Jody! Can I call him if my septic goes out down here? BTW....freeze warning here for tomorrow night! It will be 80 F today and frost tomorrow night....extreme change..evidently rain is bringing in another cold front....colder than the last one,,,so I have to bring all the plants in today. Have a great 'party' with your baby brother!

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby brother! It's so nice that he lives next door :)

  3. Great black and whites! Happy Birthday!

  4. What nice brothers you have, and happy birthday to the birthday guy.

  5. Happy birthday to the chatty little brother!! ;)

  6. Happy birthday to your brother. A nice little biography on your brother

  7. Happy Birthday to your baby brother. I loved your action shots!!

  8. Happy Birthday...does she still boss you around.

  9. Happy birthday, Jody. And many more!

  10. I always have to smile when I read about your "other baby brother". I presume that he is the younger of your brothers, and both are younger than you, hence your baby brother and your other baby brother.
    I have two younger brothers, but I have never referred to them that way, Maybe I should.

  11. Happy birthday, Jody! I smiled at the comment by Linda Reeder. She's right. I could do the same with my sisters, but there are too many of them, it wouldn't work. :-)

  12. I was the baby bother to my oldest brother who was 7 years older. I sure thought a lot of him back then and worried when he left home to work in KC, then to go into the army. It is good yours is so close. Mine two surviving brothers are all out of state.

  13. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing


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