Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wild Lupines

In some areas of Minnesota Lupine grow wild in the ditches.  We have an area about 40 miles North of us that has a patch of Wild Lupines growing in the ditch.

Lupines near Becida

Lupinus perennis

We caught them at almost peak bloom.  Lupines are native to Minnesota but are usually found over by Lake Superior and the Southern part of the state.

Lupines near becida and Yellow Hawkweed

One bunch had escaped into a clear cut area… the bits of yellow color are Hawkweed. There were some Lupines off to the left that were mainly white. (Seedling variation no doubt.)


It wamed up a bit and got to 70 F…perfect weather!

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  1. Really pretty! I don't see these flowers much here in Georgia. Glad you are enjoying such pleasant weather.

  2. I see wild lupines in the wilderness areas during the summer months. We are still in snow up there, so the lupines are still to come. Love your pretty flowers. :-)

  3. They are such pretty flowers.

  4. So pretty! Hey, what's the update on the highway pines?

    1. I will go take a photo. They look better but many branches died :(

  5. Aren't they just beautiful and I always think the white flowers mixed in make the the purple ones really stand out. Right now here we have black eyed Susan's, cornflowers and white daisies blooming in the ditch. There's another orangish/reddish one too but I can never remember what it's called.

  6. I'm not sure that they are native to this particular area, but we do have big patches of the blue, and probably a few white ones, growing here and there. They are pretty well finished now I think, or close to it.

  7. So pretty with the birch behind.

  8. It's peak time for native flowers. I like watching what you show as you give the names.

  9. Lupines are pretty especially in large numbers. We see them beside ditches and beside the highway. I don't remember ever seeing white ones though.

  10. Lupine are a common wild flower here too. they are lovely.

  11. I can remember my mother pointing out blue lupines in central California (according to Wikipedia a different variety than those in Minnesota). In a John Steinbeck novel I am reading set in the Salinas Valley in California he writes about lupines tinged with white to make them seem bluer.


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