Saturday, June 3, 2017

Quilts for The Grands

In honor of High School Graduation my Mother likes to make quilts for her Great Grandchildren.

Noah was the first to receive his.

Quilt for Noah

Noah and his Great Grandma.

Noah and his Great Grandma

Noah and his Great Grandpa

Noah with his Great Grandpa who always pulls stray threads so he helps with the quilts too.

Adam was next although he didn’t graduate or anything my Mom thought he should have a quilt too…both the boys are tall so their quilts are extra long.

Adam and Great Grandma

Adam and his Great Grandma

Paige was next.

Paige and GReat Grandma

Paige and her Great Grandparents.

Paige and GReat Granparents

My Mom loves to sew, a trait which she did not pass down to me.   Mom sews the blocks together and prepares the quilt top for the long arm quilter who happens to be my cousin Wilma.  When they come back after being quilted they just need a binding! Mom sews half the binding on to the quilt with her fancy smancy sewing machine and then turns the binding to hand sew the rest.  Mom sits in the easy chair and hand stitches the binding on. More ofter than not Mom has a quilt in the works all the time.

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  1. Please tell your mother how absolutely beautiful her quilts are. She is a great greatgrandmother!!

  2. Love those quilts, just a little bit of envy here. I wish I had a quilter in the family, but I don't. She just became a great-great grandmother, didn't she?? :-)

  3. What a nice tradition. Beautiful quilts! I especially like the colors in Paige's,

  4. WOW! Those are amazing and what cool gifts!

  5. Oh, my. I am very impressed! Those are beautiful quilts. And how fortunate to have a long arm quilter in the family too.
    I have made only one quilt of any size and I did not hand sew the binding down. My arthritic hands can only handle small projects.

  6. Beautiful quilts! Noah, Adam & Paige are so blessed to receive them! God bless all of your family!

  7. They are beautiful quilts! A treasure for each grandchild. Love those priceless pictures. :)

  8. Noah, Adam and Paige will treasure the quilts and the photos of them with their great grandparent. Your Mom did a fabulous job on the three quilts.

  9. They are all just beautiful and made with LOVE.

  10. Great Grandma is amazing! What a wonderful job she did, I hope the kids treasure them forever. I have bought a couple of quilts from the thrift store in the last few years. $2 or $3 each. One in particular is big on our queen bed, is hand quilted to make very small spaces, and it makes me so sad that it got sent to the thrift store after someone put hours and hours and hours of work into it.

  11. What gorgeous quilts! Your Mom does beautiful work and I know it feels so good to her to make and give these to the great-grandchildren! I started making quilts a few years back just for the purpose of having them to pass down in the family. When my grandchildren were young I made them Eye Spy quilts and now they are older so this Christmas they each received a more grown up quilt. How wonderful that you have a cousin that does the long arm work! Your grandchildren will love these quilts all their lives and maybe even pass them to their kids someday!

  12. Such lovely quilts.
    The boys certainly do tower over their great grandmother!!

  13. Both sides of this get a huge benefit. Grandma gets satisfaction making the quilts and the kids have something to treasure.

  14. I think it's great that your mom still sews. The quilts are beautiful and such lovely gifts. Very special tradition. Looks how tall the guys are! Wow!

  15. Beautiful quilts. Such a great tradition!

  16. Your mom is quite creative! Family heirlooms for sure!

  17. What a wonderful gift to give and to receive...treasured heirlooms for sure! I hope she tells them how to care for those quilts as I was given one once and had no idea and used it a sunny room and washed and dried it was hand quilted and soon the sun and the dryer destroyed it! I felt terrible but I was ignorant. When you know better you do better!
    I love to quilt but the long arm quilting costs big bucks here! So, I do my own now with my machine but just simple machine quilting, nothing fancy. Her quilts are gorgeous and I can see all the love that went into them!


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