Friday, June 2, 2017

Nearly Everyone Holds Mikey!

Hey Mikey everyone wants to hold you!
Maddie and Mikey
Mikey and His Mommy!
Grandma trica
Mikey and his Grandma Trica
Richard and Mikey
Mikey and his Grandpa Richard
Savannah and Mikey
Mikey and his Aunt Savannah
Auntie Paige and Mikey
Mikey and his Auntie Paige
Jen and Mikey two
Mikey and Great Auntie Jen
Andy and Mikey
Mikey and Great Uncle Andy
Noah and Mikey
Mikey and Cousin Noah
Mikey and his Cousin Adam
Mikey meets his great great grandparents.
Mikey meeting his Great Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents
Mikey and his Great Great Grandparents Jake and Madeline
Hey Mikey …you were a good baby and slept through nearly all of the holding.
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  1. Mikey is so tiny and precious. I love every single photo - priceless images!

  2. How wonderful to see all the pictures of family holding Mikey! Thanks so much! He is quite the boy and has come into a wonderful family who give him so much love.

    Shirley H.

  3. Dear Mickey, look back at all these pictures and see all the joy you spread. Sometimes it's just good to know we made people happy.

    1. Mikey...not Mickey. I typed it right and my iPad changed it twice. I missed the second autocorrect.

  4. Lots of smiles for the new guy! Not many little guys are lucky enough to have great-great, great, and grand parents.

  5. What a precious little boy!!!

  6. I see he is wrapped in that beautiful blankie, too. What a sweet baby he is! :-)

  7. Those pictures of everyone with Mikey will be treasured some day and he will love seeing them too. So wonderful that your family is all close by. He is such a cutie and so well-behaved already!

  8. This is so so sweet! Everybody looks so happy, and little Mikey slept right it all

  9. A fabulous series of photos! Mikey is a lucky boy to have such a loving family.

  10. There is a photo missing - Mikey and his Grandma Connie.
    What a sweet baby!

  11. What a fun series of photos!!!

  12. Big big smiles!! What a delight to see. :)

  13. His mom is gorgeous! So glad Mikey had your blanket to cushion him from everyone's arms and keep him from being sore later that evening from all the handling. What a blessing that he sleeps so well.

  14. Wonderful photos. They will make a great album.

  15. The blanket you made looks so cosy! You are such a good boy little Mikey, and lucky to have so much family around you.

  16. Blanket is beautiful. Are you crocheting a christening gown too?

  17. Such a lucky baby to be surrounded by so many loving people!

  18. I love the theme of this post! lol sweet pics

  19. Awww, what an awesome set of pictures!!! Congratulations :-D


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