Thursday, June 8, 2017

Senior National Park Passes

One of the last days in May we went over to Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge to purchase our Senior National Park Passes.  I got am email from Sonja one of my blog readers, she got her pass  at Tamarac. You have to be 62 or older and have proof of citzenship to purchase a Lifetime pass for $10.  The cost may be going up soon.  It has been on our list of “things to do.”

Canada geese family

We watched this family of Canada Geese on the way.

Tamarac Refuge

Yellow Ladyslipper

Just outside the front door there was a Yellow Lady’s Slipper blooming in the flower bed.

They had the bird feeders up so I spent some time watching the birds whilst Far Guy visited with the lonely volunteer…we were the only ones there.

Posessive over their females

Two male Cowbirds and one female on the right.   The males were “talking” to each other …probably about that female.

Red Squirrel

One very friendly Red Squirrel posed for me in the bird seed feeder that is on the ground.  I am glad he is there as I would not want him in my yard.  Yes I have a bone to pick with the Red Squirrels…they raid birds nests and baby birds fall like rain to the ground and their death.  Probably too graphic…but it is the truth.

We had a great ride through the refuge enjoying the early signs of summer…and getting those passes.

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  1. I had no idea! I need to get one of those passes! Does that just apply to National Parks or State parks too? We don't have any National Parks here. We barely have any state ones. The closest to me is Mammoth State Park about 1 1/2 hours away....there's nothing close by at all. I should get a book because it would be nice to take the grands to one of the bigger parks now that they are older. They have been to Mammoth several times. Of course, my daughter wants to go to the Diamond one....she loves her diamonds and people are always finding them least once or twice a year someone finds a biggy! LOL! It is about 3 hours away from here. I told Amy she would have to drive! LOL!
    I had no idea red squirrels did's horrible! Is it just the red ones or all squirrels? Could it just be a rogue one? It's unusual in wildlife to find purposeful cruelty for no reason.....usually only humans do that. Love the geese and such cute little ones.

    1. Sam it is only National Parks, Red Squirrels are all nasty. there isn't a good one in the bunch.

  2. Cute little squirrel -- as long as he stays in the park! They are so destructive in our yard it's hard to see he "cute" anymore.
    We got our park passes in May also and went to Ft Moultrie to use them. They are good in National Historic Sites as well as the parks, and you can each bring three adults in with you! Kids under 16 are also free. Such a deal!

  3. Squirrels around here are very destructive to our lawns and probably birds nest s also. My lawn is full of huge holes from the squirrels either burying or digging up nuts. They also raid any bird feeder they can. I'm sorry ; I don't find them cute, just destructive creatures. Although it is fun to watch them try to get at a feeder which has been squirrel proofed. I don't have a senior pass as there aren't any Nat'l Parks even close by where I live.

  4. You just solve a question about one of our birds at the feeder. I hear cowbirds but I now know those brown headed birds are cowbirds. I never looked it up and never knew for sure. They reminded me of starlings. I was going to quit feeding on my deck because I think it draws birds to the neighbors vegetable garden. I will put out a hummer feeder and maybe a tray feeder once in a while. Yes we getting very warm.

  5. I have one of those passes, too. They are good at all the parks here in Washington State. Those are sure pretty lady slippers. Not a fan of cowbirds.

  6. We've had our Senior Passes for awhile and they're a real saver.

  7. Now a lifetime pass is a cool idea for seniors.

  8. I rarely get close enough to a Natl. park to purchase a pass, but they do save a lot of money for those who travel.

  9. It still a good deal at ten bucks though we got our back in the day when they were still free. It's been used at National Parks and Monuments all over the country. Cowbirds who parasite song birds nestsw are a major reason for the drastic decline of warblers and other small birds, along with feral and free ranging cats...:(

  10. Oh boy! Thanks for the information about the park passes! I am old enough to get one of them too! I just read online that the cost is going to $80, and is expected to make that jump sometime before the end of 2017. Looks like you had a great day at Tamarac

  11. We get big flocks of cowbirds here, at least at the last place we lived; since moving to our current place in October last year there are not so many. We have lots of swallows though which makes me really happy because they are keeping the bugs down!

  12. I'm not fond of squirrels either. We have gray ones and also black ones. Both raid birds' nests.
    Those male Cowbirds are probably having a good old gossip session!!

  13. Good for you for getting your NP passes. Tom has had one for a long time, and with his, I don't need one. We have used it many times.

  14. Linda: The pass is NOT transferable. Get one for yourself before they go to $80 in case Tom passes before you do.


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