Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wistful Wednesday: Uncle Butch

I had an Uncle Butch…his real name was Clarence.  I am not sure why the nickname stuck …but some do. 

Clarence, Daisy and June (2)

Daisy and June with Clarence

He was quite a bit younger than my Mother, she was eleven when he was born.  I think perhaps he was a bit of a favorite to her. 

Clarence Confirmation (2)

Confirmation Day

He was quite tall and handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He married and had four kids and divorced.  I have not seen my cousins in years.  I used to send my Aunt a Christmas Card every year but then she moved…and well...Christmas Greetings are a two way street sometimes.  Their youngest daughter was born the day Far Guy and I got married in 1969…he brought the news of her birth along to the wedding.

He died of Cancer… if I recall correctly Liver Cancer.

Clarence Drewes (2)

I went to his funeral and burial. 

Last winter I searched for his grave on Find A Grave…he was not to be found.  I did find a Clarence Drews with the same birth and death date…so I got that corrected.

Last week I was determined to find his grave…it was kinda on a hill as I recall.  I was close.  After Jen and I wandered around awhile a fellow on a lawn mower stopped and asked if I was looking for someone?   Of course he knew right where the grave was…in fact he had met my Uncle a time or two.   He said “Just go a little more east and you will run right into the grave.”

Uncle Butch Gravestone

There were two bunches of flowers there, so some of my cousins must be visiting his grave.

I took a photo for Find A Grave.

At one time Uncle Butch was a very successful businessman, then he lost sight of what was really important and lost it all…and eventually his life.

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  1. So Uncle Butch was a construction guy! I like stones that tell a bit about a person.

  2. Apparently he was loved and missed. All one can ask I think.

  3. Thanks for finding his grave and getting it all straightened out. He wasn't very old when he died.

  4. He was pretty young when he died. Glad you sorted that all out.
    My dad's real name was Clarence Gustaf Johnson but they started calling him Kelly in school and it stuck. I never heard anyone call him Clarence. Not even his folks.

  5. Someday someone will be thankful that you corrected the information and added a photo on Find a Grave.

  6. That's a sad story as there was much potential there.

  7. What a stiking gentleman. I'm sorry he had to die so young. I love the photo of him between the two horses. Good to know someone is taking flowers to his grave, though.

  8. My uncle Ralph on dad's side was divorced by his wife. He had three kids. I never ever have met any of them. The two boys came to see my father before my dad died, to talk about their father. My dad and Ralph were close friends but Ralph died of cancer in 1957. The one son died a year later after meeting with my dad from agent orange. My son had a second cousin of his walk up to him and explain who she was. My first cousin's daughter both in college band together. I had to explain clearly to Andy that her grandfather that she never knew and his grandfather were brothers. My son sort of lighted up and said we are really close relation.

  9. Sounds like there is a tragic story concerning Uncle Clarence. It's good to know he is being remembered.

  10. Uncle Butch was a good looking man for sure!


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