Monday, June 20, 2016

Lucy and Ann: Twined Rag Rugs

Lucy is my friend Ann’s sister.  Lucy collects old t-shirts and cuts them to use in her Twining.
She uses a simple loom that can lean against a wall.  Lucy and Ann’s Mom made this simple loom…the girls are not certain why the nails are staggered.
Lucy Twinning
The white strips were some kind of linen and the red is t-shirt material cut into strips.
Some twined rugs.
Lucy and Ann
Ann and Lucy.  They are having a blast with their looms this summer.
This is Ann’s favorite loom over at Bruce’s Weaving Place.  But recently Lucy helped Ann thread her loom at home and they have been busy as bees.
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  1. What a blast. My grandmother used to twine rugs; they are the best. Wish she had had the time to teach me that skill.

  2. It does look like they are having fun. Lots of smiles! :-)

  3. My mother taught me how to twine over 50 years ago: I love twining and teaching others how to do it, too. Did you try it?

  4. Wish I had learned to do this!

  5. Have never learned those skills but they have always fascinated me. :)

  6. Those looms are expensive..the big ones anyway! I love the rugs they make but can't find them around here. The last good rugs I bought were in Wisconsin and I still have them. I have several "pins" this year to make rugs using t-shirt material but they are crocheted and toothbrush and there's another one I forget the name of. I'm a pretty practical crafter...I like to make useful items. Good for Lucy and Ann!

  7. Very creative and pretty rugs! And a good use of old t-shirts.

  8. That looks like fun and it looks,like they think it's fun, too! I bet the rugs are durable and look at the colors! I'm still on my bookish break, but wanted to tell you how much I appreciate coming hear and readin about your world . . . and your Shiny Brites. I found two new (to me) designs recently. :-)

    1. I hope you will share the Shiny Brite designs on your blog! :)

  9. We've made quite a few things out of tee shirts. I love the idea of making rugs!

  10. What a great hobby. So useful too.

  11. My late mother-in-law loved to experiment on her collection of looms.

  12. I love love those woven rugs and if I didn't have a bazillion other craft projects to do I'd try doing that! :)

  13. Connie, we are having fun. I'm weaving napkins right now at Bruce's. Can't wait to do some cloth for my self. Thanks for the pictures. Ann


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