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Wistful Wednesday: Trip to Dakota 1922

Recently I was transcribing my husbands Grandfather’s Farm Diaries, I TRY to do a month a day…somedays that is not possible. Anyways I found this entry.

September 1922
1  Friday Thresa and kids and Harrys and Anna and their kids went to Dakota  I took cream and hauled rock got stuck and wet  rained
2  Saturday Helped Robinsons fill silo
3  Sunday To Osage in PM took teachers books
4  Monday Helped Robinsons finish silo  worked on barn foundation in PM  Thresa and kids came home 

I wish Grandpa was a man of more words.  He is short and to the point. 
Marvin 8 yr old (2)
I knew that this photo must have been taken about 1922 because of my Father in laws age being eight years old (Grandma marked it) and he was born in 1914, and Uncle Jimmy is a babe in arms and he was born in October of 1921.   Finding the diary entry we can date the photo to September 1-4 1922.

Looks like a fine automobile to travel in, spare tires were carried right with you just in case and roads were not the super highways we know today.  Note that everyone has a hat on all ready for the big trip to Dakota.

The women are sisters Anna or Annie as she was called and Tracie or Thresa or Theresa Far Guy’s paternal grandmother.  Tracie is on the right with her three children, and Annie and her husband Harry and four children are on the left.

I wonder what the children thought of he trip?  I wonder how far into Dakota they went?  Fargo or further?  Whom did they visit?   Perhaps the diary and Grandpa will tell me in some later entries….I will keep my fingers crossed.
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Update from Cousin Pat
Jack read your blog today and said Gram was on her way to see the
McKee's at their farm by Valley City.

Update from me: 
The trip would have been 150 miles one way.
Yes they all traveled together, the kids all fit in here and there. 


  1. What a wonderful photo commemorating what I'm sure was a big trip in those days. Everyone in their finest and everyone in a hat! The middle girl's is especially large and interesting. I hope you do come across more info.

  2. I can't imagine how they got all those people in that car. Or maybe they didn't all go that trip and are merely posing in front of the car? Wonder if car had a cover or they went all that way in the open air, rain and all?

    Shirley H.

  3. I've been to the Dakotas, and there would have been some long traveling between places to see. That's a lot of kids in the car. Mine would have been poking and jabbing each other, then fussing.

  4. Such family history you have! I wonder if there is anyone younger in your family that is as passionate as you, and will carry on keeping the records up to date.

  5. The photo is fantastic - so much to see. Having the diary entry makes it even better.

  6. How neat. I wish I had records like this to embellish my rather scanty knowledge of family history....

  7. Wonderful...I like this better than reading a fiction book. I find it so fascinating. It must really be fun for you as it's your relatives. I'm surprised they didn't have the top up on the auto since they all have coats on.

  8. Being able to put the photos with the diary entries is something else!
    My Dad kept a 5-year diary and he wrote even less than FarGuy's grandpa. He mostly wrote what job he ran at work (he was a lithographer), what he ate, and the weather. You wouldn't have even known he had a family for 95% of it. When us kids were born it was just full name, time of birth, weight, and height. No details whatsoever. Comparatively, FarGuy's grandpa was a Chatty Cathy! LOL!

  9. I have so many old photos like this. Unfortunately I have no idea who many of the people are. And many have writing on the front just like your picture. Loved the journal. Short and to the point!!

  10. I love this! It is so wonderful that you have a diary of any kind! I would be like you though, longing for more words!!

  11. I wonder how they got all those people in that little car?? Journals tell so much even if there were only a few words.

  12. I'm also wondering if they all fit into that one car. If they did it would have been mighty cramped.

  13. How wonderful to have that photo--and then find out it matches up with the diary entry! Far Guy's grandpa might have been a man of few words, but at least the picture is worth a thousand more ;)

  14. I'm sure they all got into the car. Children would sit in the grownup's laps, they would all crowd in to fit! Don't forget, there were no seat belts to force them to have individual seats. You are so fortunate to have these old photos!

  15. A priceless picture. That car! Those outfits! And I couldn't help but think that it was taken at the same time as Downton Abbey's early years. You're lucky that Grandpa wrote down anything at all. Just that much makes every word so valuable.

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