Friday, February 12, 2016

Snow Stick Contest 2016

I figured I better get a move on with the snow stick contest.
Right now we have nine inches of snow at the snow stick.  A winner will be declared when the stick is surrounded by water or when the snow is all gone.  Here is some snow stick history.

2011  April 8
2012  March 13
2013  April 30
2104  April 10
2015  March 11
Right now we have nine inches of snow at the snow stick.
I took this photo last night just before dark through the window…too lazy to go back outside…it was cold out there.

Please enter a date and either morning or afternoon with your guess.
So what about a prize?  It might be a carving!  Maybe…it is a good possibility!
I have been working on some little carvings.  These still need window and door holes but it has been too cold to go to the wood shop to finish them. I use power tools that raise dust. They also need to be painted…but they will be finished sometime this spring…probably about the same time as the snow melts.

Please enter by leaving a comment with your guess, for you shy ones you know the email. Guessing will remain open until Sunday night Feb 14 at 9PM.  Please check back to make sure I got your guess correct!

Date and AM or PM   Happy guessing!
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Auntie Pam Feb 29 PM
Linda Reeder March 4 PM
Sam I Am March 10 PM
Elaine S March 12 PM
Gail March 13 3 PM
diane March 15 AM
linda M March 15 PM
the crazysheeplady March 16 PM
Linda in Alberta March 18 PM
Shirley March 20 PM
The Furry Gnome March 21 AM
Sonja March 21 PM
LD March 23 PM
Cynthia March 25 PM
Gravy March 26 AM
Intense Guy March 26 PM
Jan March 27 AM
Karen March 27 PM
Rita March 28 PM
Kathy March 29 PM
Pee Jay March 30 AM
Wendy Danielson March 30 PM
Red March 30 PM
Country Gal March 30 PM
Terry and Linda April 1 AM or PM??
DJan April 1 PM
Mildred April 2 AM
Anonymous ?? April 2 PM
Anonymous (Sharon) April 4 PM
lisa April 5 PM
carrington April 9 PM
MJM April 15 AM
Molly M April 21 AM


  1. March 15 PM Have a great weekend

  2. Mar 15 AM your carvings are neat!

  3. Replies
    1. Sharon is that you? You usually stop by in the morning")

  4. March 20, PM. We have no snow right now - it rained all night.

  5. I might as well pick my birthday--March 28th PM. :)
    I hope you show us these carvings when they are all done and painted. ;)

  6. I am hoping it is March 23 pm.

  7. With that much snow I would say Mar. 30 PM.

  8. April 2 morning (John's birthday)

    Happy Valentine's Day. Love to Chance.

  9. March 10th p.m....I think it's going to be an early Spring this year!

  10. We just got nailed with our first big snow and it still isn't a lot compared to some we have maybe 4 inches but it is bitterly cold here to . Lovely carvings . Oh I guess March 30th afternoon . Happy Valentines Day to you and Far Guy and Chance of course . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  11. Hi there, I have only commented a coupe of times, here goes with my guess. April 21st am

    1. ...that is a couple not coupe...
      like the ring to coupe though

  12. So the question is, will the groundhog be correct? I say March 4, PM.

  13. March 13th, 3 PM

    I pulled that out of the air...


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