Saturday, February 27, 2016


Right or wrong we all have to make decisions.

We decided to send Far Guy to surgery to have his port replaced.  It will happen soon.  He asked my opinion and I think that having a port keeps him out of the clinic and all the germy people…which in turn keeps him out of the hospital.  I am not certain how many times he can have it replaced, I suggested they just put a zipper in his chest.

I am going to start logging our hours spent at the clinic/hospital.  Last week one of the nurses was coughing…we are both a tad paranoid about that. I almost suggested that she should have stayed home…but I kept my big mouth shut.

The Income Taxes are done and were sent electronically, how about that …no last minute filing for us.  Our accountant answered all our questions. Cross something off the list.  Years ago after an audit, I made the decision to use an accountant and I am glad I did. 

The local hospital doesn’t have a copy of our Advanced Care Directive but I will make a copy so they have it on file.   The clinic has it and I hear that soon the hospital and the clinic’s computers will be able to talk to each other…sometimes change happens very slowly in the boonies.

Do you have an Advanced Care Directive?  Do you have a Last Will and Testament and has it been recorded?  We were talking with a young widow the other day and her husband had no will…so she was making her way through a ton of paperwork.  Sometimes the decisions we don’t make can become real problems for those left behind.
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  1. I imagine it's a relief to have made a decision one way or the other and it makes sense to me. I don't even like to eat out during cold/flu season as it seems like every single time I start coming down with a cold three days later. Can't believe that nurse wasn't at least wearing a mask.

  2. I am now working as a facilitator to help others get their Advance Care Planning documents filed with the local hospital. When I saw the doctor the other day I gave him a copy and we discussed it. The main thing I want to avoid is having CPR. At my age it will be time to let me go if my heart stops. I hope it all goes well with FG and he escapes without any unwelcome bugs! A zipper is a good idea, BTW. :-)

  3. Morning Connie, I think you made the right decision for Far Guy, pray all goes well.Blessings Francine.

  4. Sounds like a good decision that will keep him away from the clinic with all those germs.
    I thought I filled out a long form a couple years ago at the clinic, but whether that goes to the hospital, too--not sure. I should check into that.
    Gorgeous flowers!! :)

  5. Thinking about you as you are navigating a very difficult time in your life. It seems you are having to make very important medical decisions, while at the same time carrying on with all of your business chores. I know it sounds trite, but do take care of yourself first!

  6. Yes it is important to get all that paper work in order.
    We have try ed to make it a simple thing for our children and which ever is left behind. Will be thinking about you and Far Guy.

  7. That does seem to be the safest alternative for Far Guy.

    Mom had a DNR and when in another part of the hospital that revived her!!! She suffered five long months after that. That was in '99. I hope things are improved. The paper work in the right hands is very important.

    Blessings to you and Far Guy.

  8. I have been studying on the ACD, and would like to get that done. I'm sorry FG has to have his port replaced, but I totally agree with you that less time around the hospital sickies, the better. When I had a procedure in day surgery last month, my nurse coughed and coughed. She finally said she had seen the doctor and he told her it was just a virus. So, like that was supposed to make me feel better!

  9. Yes, Connie, we have done all the necessary "end of life" stuff. The Heliotrope photo is stunning. Last year I planted one in a planter....what a treat. The scent is lovely.

  10. I think you have made the best decision. Like you, Terry and I use an account, for just that same reason! Also, we are paranoid about the flu and colds.


  11. I am glad that Far Guy will have the port replacement surgery and not have to deal with this problem all the time.

    Yes, I have all my paper work in order and put in a file. Saves a lot of trouble for the survivor/s. I also am DNR.

    Shirley H.

  12. I don't have a personal care directive. I do have a will. I have doubts about the value of the personal directive. Some nursing homes ignore it. Good luck on the surgery and I hope it lasts a long time.

  13. Life has some difficult decisions.
    We got the POA, Will, and Medical all done shortly after Bill's parents and then my mom died. He and I both were in charge of handling the estates. My mom had the papers. His dad did not. Much much easier with the papers. At some point, we need to put our kids on the checking account - - - but not yet.

    We, too, use an accountant. Started that the year my mom died so the siblings knew I was being honest. I gave them a detailed spreadsheet of all the expenses. The best part about using the accountant is it has relieved a LOT of frustration in our house - - I will not go into all the details on that because I don't want to relive those years. LOL
    Good decision on FG's port but hate you all have to do that. Let us know that date he has it done. We will pray even harder that day. I think I mentioned before that I sure hate when we get stuck between a rock and a hard place like FG is experiencing with the infusions.

  14. Papa and I have been discussing getting our wills drawn up and at least notarized by our lawyer and that will be one big thing off of our list . We also use an accountant for our taxes so much easier and they know how to handle the morons on the other end of it all if they have to lol ! I do hope yours and Far Guys decision of the permanent port works well and all is good I pray all goes well for you both . Keep us posted . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  15. Keeping you all in my prayers.
    I love that heliotrope. Beautiful.

  16. Decisions are tough to make, but once made, the stress seems to be relieved. At least that's how I feel.
    Good luck! Keep that guy (and you) healthy!

  17. I'm glad you are getting the port replaced. I don't yet have a will. I need to get on that. My husband had no will when he died but we live in a community property state so it wasn't a problem. I do have an advanced directive however!!

  18. Several years ago, I had a Trust set up and all the paperwork for health care directives. I have it reviewed every other year to keep it up to date.

    Glad the port is being replaced - sounds like you got a lemon the first time.

  19. WE do have wills and ACDs. I think that we should sit down with our kids sometime and go through all the documents: will, ACD, insurance papers, property titles, etc. But when is the right time for that? We are still both healthy.At least they know where all of the documents are stored.
    Sending best wishes to you and FG as you traverse this difficult terrain.

  20. My thoughts and prayers to both of you for the port replacement surgery. I hope it all goes well.

  21. Hope all goes well with the surgery and that it won't ever have to be redone.
    I need to update my will,thanks for the reminder!
    I can almost smell that heliotrope- such a lovely scent they have.

  22. Sometimes, those decisions can be so complex and difficult to make. Glad you opted for a new port for Far Guy, despite all the possible drawbacks. You are right, thinking over the long view, and keeping him far from clinics and hospitals and potentials for further infection. It's just that sometimes, the "on the other hand" stuff can look so scary.

  23. I assume the new port is in by now or will be soon. It is a good fix and really not threatening to the body other than it is painful to have put in. Maybe they can think of a procedure to help keep it open by frequent flushes of saline. Whatever it takes to keep him getting what he needs to maintain his lungs.
    I bought a plant of your shared flower up once in Grand Maria probably 15 years ago and the fragrance of it is so wonderful. I don't know if we can grow it here but wished it could be. Take care.

    1. Yes Larry you can grow it, just ask for it at a Greenhouse. It is an annual and need to be planted every year, it does smell wonderful! :)


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