Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wistful Wednesday : Connections To The Past

I have been doing some work on Far Guys Paternal Family Tree. I added an obituary to a family member at Find A Grave and got a reply from a gal who is a “cousin”.  Her Great Grandmother and Far Guy’s Great Grandmother were sisters.  She has some bits and pieces of Family History, I shared by email the photos that I have scanned.

She shared those photos with her 94 year old Mother who was thrilled to see them.

“She says she remembers her grandmother Trace  (Theresa Marie) who retired to a house across the street and up a hill from where my mother lived in Persia, Iowa. She owned a cow, and she liked to milk it.   My mother said she would take a pail to grandma Trace's and she would fill the pail with fresh milk.”
Xaver Aleck Family
That is Theresa Marie way on the right and Far Guys Great Grandmother Martha Jane sitting down on the right.

I see one of John’s Granddaughters in Park Rapids from time to time. The next time I see her I will have to tell her I heard from a cousin!

There were twelve children in this family, ten survived to adulthood.

Fred was a bachelor all his life.  Amelia had eight children but they all remained single. Rosa had no children.  So some of these family branches end with the people in the photo.

Thanks to Far Guy’s Grandma for being a saver of papers, I have been transcribing obituaries to Find A Grave one by one.  I also added this photo.

I have many questions about this family, I know there is a book out there called Persia Centennial 1883 –1983 or Persia 100 years written by the people of Persia Iowa.  Someday I hope to find a copy. 

Two cousins, Eileen and Vivetta  wrote a book about this family a number of years ago.  It was called the Smart Aleck, we inherited a copy and are very thankful for it and the history it holds.

Right now I am just trying to get what I know down in an orderly fashion.  I am trying not to go down “the rabbit trails” and get steered off course until I have more general information in place…birth, deaths, correct names…etc.
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    1. Thanks neither book site has the book available:(

    2. I see Iggy beat me to it here...however, one reviewer at Amazon mentioned that it was a book of ads of the companies which sponsored the centennial celebration. On the other hand, if you are ever in Cedar Rapids, Council Bluffs, or Omaha, these are the libraries which have the book in their collection.

      Isn't it wonderful to be related to someone who became the keeper of the family "stuff"?

  2. That is a big family! I love to look at the old pictures and the fashions of the day. What a gift it must have been to the mother who I am sure went down Memory Lane from looking at that picture. :-)

  3. That is amazing! I love seeing the old pictures and reading their names.

  4. Very interesting and what a good looking family.

  5. Oh how interesting to find the history and this family member to help. Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. This takes patience and persistence. We have a chart that starts with my Great grandfather. We think it has everybody after that. Nothing has been done to this chart since about 1990. Sad.

  7. I really don't know how much information my sister has accumulated about the family tree. I do know she traced back to a politician in Sweden--but I don't know if I'd want to claim a politician--ROFL! ;)

  8. If there's a thrift store of any kind in the vicinity, they'll probably eventually have a copy of the book. As older folks pass on or move to smaller living spaces books get donated.

  9. This seems like such a big project! But you seem to be doing it a bit at a time. Seems to be working for you!

  10. I am so impressed by all you do with your family history and with you nursing duties!

  11. Very interesting. I think Henny Penny's mom was one of 13, and 10 of them lived to adulthood. That is very unusual about Amelia's all 8 children not marrying.

  12. And of course Henny Penny's mom was my sweet grandma.


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