Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is now officially summer.  In the past two days we have gotten 2 3/4 inches of rain.  Badly needed rain.  Now I suppose the mosquitoes will come out in full force.
The other night we went over to Shell Lake.  The water there is at an all time low.  It smells bad there..a lakey, rotten fishy smell that is not at all appealing.
Chance was not allowed out of the car.  He wanted to come out..and he whined but he didn’t need to smell that rotten.
Shell Lake had a successful Loon hatch.  They have one baby.
Loons on Shell Lake
The baby is swimming between the parents.
The Canada Geese were resting on shore.  Chance watched them patiently.
Canada Geese on Shell Lake
They got up and headed for the water.  You can see that this years goslings are going through a moult to get their adult flight feathers.  The Mama Geese usually molt at the same time so they can fly when their goslings are ready to try their new flight feathers.  The males begin their moult right after breeding in the early spring.  They cannot fly during the moult. 
Canada Geese are wonderful family groups.  Different branches of the family band together in a group called a crèche.  Canada Geese mate for life.  In my photo the group of geese is called a gaggle. More than five geese on the ground is a gaggle. In flight they would be called a skein. ( My $5.00 question for my Grands this week is: How many Geese are in a gaggle and are they on the ground or in the air? The first Grand that calls with the correct answer wins. )
The tour with the magazine editor went well last Monday.  I am glad it is over.  I have been very busy with tourists..rainy days brought them off the lakes and into the museum.   The paint from the Valspar paint grant arrived…so we can begin painting..the board members as in “we.”  I will not be painting unless it becomes absolutely necessary. I have a desk full of work to accomplish and tourists to greet:)
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  1. Now the Grands will be working hard to beat each other to the phone! That is a cool picture, and I can see why you left Chance in the car, his herder instincts must have been working overtime, even inside the car! :-)

  2. I knew about the gaggle... but not the skein. It makes me wonder where these terms originated.
    I love hearing the call of the Loon. It reminds me of summer camp in Canada.
    Glad you got some rain. We're hoping for a bit more at the end of the week. I'd love to have at least a weekly shower.

  3. I think your question each week for the grands is really cool. great idea!

  4. I love the grands questions! LOL! If you hadn't told me, I only knew gaggle.
    Glad you didn't let Chance out into that stinky lake! Sorry, Chance. ;)

  5. I too love the call of the loon. Sometimes here they are on the ocean, and it has always surprised me to hear them calling out there. I always think of loons and lakes.
    The ubiquitous Canada Geese.....they are very protective of their young. Once I got too close to their nest in a row boat, and the male came flying low right at us. It's amazing how fast you can row when you have too:)
    Every year there was a gaggle of geese hatched about 10 minutes from us. They spent their time between a large pond in someone's front yard, and the green grass of the school playing field across the road. Quite often you'd drive by and they'd be hunkered down on the side of the road, resting. Other times you'd have to wait while they crossed the road.

  6. On you day off to boot.....sigh. They have you as a good worker.

    The loons, oh I miss them...haunting refrains echoing over the water.

    Love the Canada Goose info, see here I am Canadian, and didn't know that.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. I never knew those terms. That is, I knew gaggle but not that specific definition, so thanks. Glad the editor's visit went well. Cheers.

  8. We have lot's of Canada Geese that stay year round here in Arkansas. Always like to
    see them fly over.
    When I was doing my genealogy I ran across some sad stories like that about some families.

  9. ...I'm still awaiting that report on which Grand wins! ;)

  10. All the good stuff there is to know about geese . Thanks.
    Can I get in on the grand's contest???

  11. I hear you about the mosquitoes! They are out in full force here too after so much rain.

    Love those shots of the lake - so serene.

  12. Beautiful photos, Connie. I'm happy to hear your meeting went well and that the painting has been approved. I have not been outdoors enough yet to know how bad our mosquitoes are. Thanks for asking about J, he is much improved with only one side of his face affected. Early detection is crucial.
    Wishing you all a nice weekend. Get some much deserved rest.

  13. How did you become so knowledgeable about nature and plants? I learn so much from reading your posts! Thank you. I never knew all that about geese. I did know they mated for life though so I've decided I'm coming back as a Canadian Goose! LOL! As a human, I've been married twice with no luck! LOL!


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