Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amazing Grace

It was a full day on Monday with the funeral in the morning..Amazing Grace was one of the congregational hymns.

We had a Minnesota Funeral lunch minus the Jell-O. Lunch included fresh fruit, homemade pickles, coleslaw in individual cups, baked beans, scalloped potatoes with ham and every kind of cookie or bar you could ever want.

After lunch we felt fortified enough to head to the cemetery.

last ride

After a short committal service the piper played Amazing Grace.  As he played he walked further and further away from us..so the notes seemed to disappear into the surrounding fields. In my opinion there is nothing as beautiful as the sound of the bagpipes.

Bag pipes

After Uncle Willard was properly planted everyone came to our house.  Far Guy and I readied our yard with every possible table and chair in the garage and house.  There were forty-five guests that sat out in the shade and reminisced.  I baked  cookies on Sunday, we added some chips, cold sodas and water for the refreshments.  It seemed to be what the mourners needed..just a little extra time surrounded by family.

Everyone left just in time for Far Guy and I to head to the museum to get ready for “Music on the Courthouse Lawn.” It was a great turn out with 54 people attending.

Music on the courthouse lawn June 25 

This was part of the crowd.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  One of the last songs played was Amazing Grace.

The third time is a charm…or it must be:)

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind but now I see.

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  1. I to love the bagpipes ! Sorry for your loss !

  2. Sorry for you loss.

    Amazing Grace was the only song at Dad's funeral by two of his neighbors that he truly enjoyed knowing.

    Glad your musical was a success. Word will travel and your next will be a much bigger crowd.

  3. Amazing Grace is a wonderful song, once or twice or three times. So glad your musical event worked out and everybody enjoyed themselves.

  4. Amazing Grace on the bagpipes and Taps (at a military funeral) are what get me. It is so bad now that just hearing Taps makes me cry. Sorry for your loss. Happy to hear that your musical event at the Museum went well.

  5. Sorry for your loss. How wonderful the bagpipes must have sounded. I have never attended a graveside service where bagpipes were played. But I did notice you Minnesotians have stolen the Wisconsin, funeral lunch menu!!! How wonderful that you provided a place for the family to gather after services, it is always difficult to part from sharing a loss.

  6. "just a little extra time surrounded by family" What a fit ending.

  7. I too love the bagpipes, and I'm sure Uncle Willard would have appreciated them too.
    I was checking out all the grey heads at the musical...hope some younger ones stopped by as well. And what's with the lady at the back with the ear muffs?:)

    1. Hi Karen, It was windy and I think that lady always wears ear muff when the wind blows..Mostly grey hairs but a few were younger:)

  8. I echo what Karen said. For non-Minnesotans, there is an alternative funeral lunch offering - the hamburger/macaroni/tomato/whatever casserole, or hotdish as we call it. In fact, it's called funeral hotdish in this house.

  9. No jello! I was surprised you didn't have various hotdishes, but then you did have the scalloped potatoes and all the rest. ;) I love Amazing Grace...that must have been beautiful to hear with the receding bagpipes. It really was Amazing Grace day. Sounds like a very nice funeral. Must have been a little strange to go from a funeral to a music festival atmosphere, but it looks like a good turnout. All in all, a really nice send off for Uncle Willard and a nice concert for the museum. A lot of work for one day, lady!

  10. So enjoyed the music and to think I heard music played on a simliar instrument from 1300 and 1400 a Nyckelharpalag. what beautiful evening. Thank you connie for letting me know about it. GW

  11. I love Amazing Grace on the bagpipe...Was blind now I see....


  12. Sorry for your loss of your beloved family member. I think the bagpipes are fitting and getting further away while doing it to me symbolizes the decedent going to Heaven..I think you and your far guide and your doggie are amazing, loving and wonderful people, I read your blog daily..sorry again for the loss of your beloved family member..peace to you and yours!!

  13. My deepest sympathy to your family for your loss.

    Amazing grace is one of my favorite hymns!

  14. So nice of you to host a post-funeral gathering, and I'm glad the evening concert went well. I love pipes, especially outdoors and in the distance. Hauntingly beautiful.

  15. I, too, love the pipes......they even play them to announce the bride and groom at weddings here on occasion. They can sound either happy or mournful.....although some might disagree and sound like a couple of tomcats having a scrap in a sack.

  16. You had a very eventful day. Rather nice how you describe the bagpipes fading away.
    Meeting together as a family after a memorial service is a good time of remembering and just getting our heads around the fact that someone is gone.

  17. I agree, bagpipes playing Amazing Grace is beautiful.
    Happy that the family was able to fellowship with you guys after the service.
    Looks like the music on the square was a big hit.

  18. It was a year and a half ago when we buried our friend and the bagpipes showed up at church. He walked up and down the rows of people. It was such a surprise to have it to just happen but it was wonderful. You had a very busy day.

  19. Though the time together was owing to such a somber occasion, there is something beneficial and therapeutic about family coming together and sharing memories.

  20. I love bagpipes. I think they may be my favorite musical instrument to listen to. Sounds like a typical mid western funeral...even that brings back memories. amazing Grace was my Mother's favorite hymn and it is mine since I was literally going blind for 2 years and then there was a miracle and I regained my eyesight and he "saved a wretch like me".


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