Monday, June 11, 2012

The Lady’s Slipper

Minnesota has forty-two different kind of native orchids.  Two kinds are in bloom this week.  A week ahead of schedule. Usually they bloom Father’s Day weekend.

First the yellow Lady’s Slippers along the back drive bloomed.  Seven of them are blooming this year.

Yello Lady Slipper

This gal is one of my favorite plants..yellow and beautiful.  Note she is all nestled up to a bunch of poison ivy.

We went to a flea market yesterday…along the way back we stopped in the rain to get a few photos.  The Showy Lady’s Slippers are in bloom.  This is the State flower of Minnesota.

Showy Lady Slippers

They grow wild in the road side ditches.

It sure didn’t rain very much. The dry weather may have forced the Lady’s Slippers to bloom earlier than normal. Typical plant reaction..stress them and they bloom.. so they have their last hurrah before croaking.

We walked Chance through the Flea Market..he was a pill..barking at a little puppy.  He likes other dogs if he knows them..but if he doesn’t know them then he pretends to be a rough and tough I am bigger than you Border Collie ruff ruff. What a turd.

Far Guy bought a old station wagon toy car..most likely for his train set.  I bought nothing..I priced a few thing for the wire dress forms.  Uffda they are expensive.


It was a nice day off spent with my boys:)

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  1. Lovely photos ! Sounds like a great day you had ! Miggy likes everyone including other dogs even if she doesnt know them she always has a happy tail wag for all and wants to see all ! I bet Chance and Miggy would be best of friends if they ever met ! Have a good day !

  2. LOL!! The way you described Chance made me smile, AND that is a good thing on a Monday morning.

    The photos are great! I love time spent with family!

  3. I see you used a couple of those pictures in your new header. I do so love your elegant and interesting headers. I should change mine more often but it's too much like work. Glad you had a good day off to renew your outlook on life. Oh, and I LOVE that picture of the yellow lady slipper in bloom.

  4. The Lady's Slippers sure are a beautiful flower - you are lucky to have them growing near you. Chance was just showing off what a "tough dude" he is. Did make me laugh though. Have a nice day!

  5. Tucker here, I'm thinking our people persons just don't get it! I mean, there are dogs there. We need to tell them what for. We need to let them know we aren't some milk-sop kinda puppy... we are tough and we are mean! We are THE BEST - forget the rest!

  6. Lovely flowers, and I like the new header.

  7. Thanks for showing us the Lady's Slippers. Don't see them unless we happen to be up in your area. Your photo shows Chance sitting like a good dog; are you sure he was a turd?

  8. I always enjoy your headers. Thanks for the frequent changes. The headers are always very artistic.

  9. Such lovely flowers!

  10. What beautiful flowers. Minnesota loves Lady Slippers like I love daylillies--all over the place!

  11. Love these flowers. Glad you three felt like a little outing. Do you think Far Guy has any lasting relief at all from the procedure or is he back to the old pain? Are you over your bug completely? Keeping you guys in my heart and prayers.

    1. Hi Mildred, No, Far Guy is back to the same old pain. I think I am finally over my bronchitis..I think. Our weather is hot one day and cold the next barely 60 degrees for a high today:(

  12. Great photos of lady slippers. And it's nice that you got out and about with your guys. Your job gives you plenty of reason to check out the sales.

  13. Love those yellow lady slippers!!

  14. Love that old metal sign in the last pic. You should have bought that for your place !

  15. I love the sign, I need one of those in my yard!

  16. Somehow or other some Lady slippers like disturbed areas. So that's why they like ditches.

  17. Both the lady slippers are just gorgeous. I have always thought lady slippers are such pretty flowers. We've had rain here off and on. I wish you'd get some of it, too!

    Glad you had a good day with the boys, even if Chance was acting out a little. ;)

  18. Love the native lady slippers and the white and purple are show stoppers! I didn;t know that was the state flower but I do now! It is dry here. We got a real hard rain the other week but it is dry again. The only thing about dry is the humidity stays low but then the fire danger goes up. I guess you can't have it all.
    I love that sign in your last picture!


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