Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trillium and Weather

The woods are coming alive with the warm temperatures.  It was almost 80 degrees yesterday.

The Trillium are blooming. Trillium are native to Minnesota.

Trillium and Large Flowered Bellwort

They gladly share their space with another native plant the Large Flowered Bellwort.

( the yellow bloom above )

Trillium Closeup

Far Guy’s Trillium is up and blooming and sharing with a two legged spider..well that’s all I see.. he could have more legs.  I did not notice him until I downloaded the photo:)

The weather is weird..not much for rain..what happened to the weather of long ago when it rained for weeks on end.  Cloud bursts of rain..the girls and I would play barefoot in the rivers that flowed down the driveway and watch out for the snapping turtles that would be chased out of the lake by the rains.  One year at the resort we had a big old snapping turtle next to our step during a rain. I recall dogs barking and girls screaming…Far Guy chased the mean old turtle back into the lake.  That house had a leaky roof in the hallway..so buckets and towels had to be put on the floor every time it rained. I don’t miss that.

Last night there was a bit of a rainbow in the sky..but it was just like a broken little piece of rainbow.

Part of a rainbow in the sky

Strange, I have seen sun dogs in the winter on cold days but never sun dogs on a day when it was 80 F or 26C :)

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  1. Lovely post and photos. The weather and plants have been very strange this year here as well. It is starting to pick up to how things are suposed to be now thank goodness. Have a good day !

  2. We are short on rain and everything is growing at the wrong time. Strange weather this year.

  3. I have never heard of Trillium before. They are lovely aren't they? Could do with some of that heat over this side of the pond.

  4. I didn't know trillium are native to Minnesota. They are everywhere in the woods right now in this part of the country. I love your little two legged spider. Bet he has a few more. :-)

  5. I haven't seen any Trillium yet this year. We missed our lilacs in bloom...because they never did. Frost must have gotten them. Wonky weather here too, but it's been very nice for the past few days so I'll take it!

  6. They are pretty flowers! We have been getting rain the last couple of days and not supposed to stop until Thursday and then good clear weather for the whole weekend!

  7. Great photos :)
    I love trilliums, means the morels are out, too.

  8. The Trillium is beautiful.
    I worry about our weather... but I guess that's stupid, since I can't do a darn thing about it!
    I used to live in a house with a leaky roof. Looking back it was funny - not so much at the time!

  9. Our trilliums have come and gone, they are lovely though when they are blooming. Our weather has been mostly 'normal', although we have had a few unusually warm days for May, and we are not complaining:)

  10. It is a beautiful shot of sun dogs. Yes, I don't think of them ever being in the spring. There must have been a lot of moisture in the air. The trillium are beautiful.

  11. You know, I've seen sun dogs at weird weather times. I saw that one in 90* weather last year and the one I saw this spring it was a 77* day. I love your photo, but, I too, find seeing sun dogs in the heat very strange.

    Ed (Thoughts from the Road) said all it takes is ice crystals in the sky. Still who would have thought?


  12. Funny you should post a bellwort, I have a few in my native bed, and didn't know their name. I thought to myself, should send a picture to Far Side, she'll know. And low and behold you posted the trillium and bellwort pictures today.

  13. I have seen the sun dogs in very warm weather before. We're so stinkin' dry here and our crops are countin' on 'spring' rains to get 'em goin'. It's more like August here than May.

    I can't say I've ever seen a trillium before but yours is beautiful. I do see those little fine legs stickin' out!

    Have a great day sweetie!!! :o)

  14. Love the wildflowers and that you know the name of them! I bet you have lots of stories to tell from your resort days but what a great life that sounds like. The family that works together, stays together! Do you still live near it?
    I can see that little rainbow...odd isn't it and it does look like a sun dog too. I remember those in the cold, cold days of Winter but I've never seen them in Summer.


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