Thursday, May 24, 2012

Museum: Plan of Action

This is the day that just might do me in..I have 57 first and second graders coming to the museum.  Uffda..I called for reinforcements. Between the four of us it should be okay..if my voice holds out.

It has been a week already and it ain’t over yet.  I wrote the newsletter..I have been waiting on a slow poke to get me his message and a recipe.  I had to stay late yesterday because of three elderly visitors and I have to go in early today to get ready for the early tour and print out newsletters so one of the gals can help me assemble. Once I get the newsletters mailed I can concentrate on the plan of action that the board asked me for last Monday night.

The two fundraising projects I worked on brought mixed results. The Chuck Wagon dinner was a huge success, mainly because we presold tickets, which allowed for cooking only for those with tickets, so there was no waste. The Township project was less of a success than I had hoped for.  Some of these tiny townships are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars in their coffers and cannot donate 500 dollars to the museum?  I just don’t get it…what are they saving it for?  Out of twenty-eight townships, I got donations from ten townships..slightly more than 35%.  Better than nothing but not good enough.


Have I told you how expensive archival supplies are? Very expensive. New museum display cases are at least $500 each…I could use ten of them.. One of our members is writing a grant to a huge corporation that is in our area.

Have I told you..How the computer and printer at work might make it through the newsletter printing?  I have my fingers and toes crossed on this one.  One of our members wrote a grant to the local electric association..we will find out next week how much we will receive toward the purchase of a new computer and printer.  The computer recovers from fatal errors many times a day and the printer just stops working sometimes and I have to unplug it so it resets. I am part tech service and repair…I didn’t know it was part of the job description.

The room I want to use in the basement for donated items for a rummage sale/eventually a traveling exhibit area has a problem with its ceiling. The ceiling should be repaired or replaced. ( The two people in charge of this project have been talking about what they should do for many months now.) I am tired of it. The moldy carpet must be removed and the walls and floors painted. Luckily a grant was received that included 14 gallons of paint.  I asked a service organization for far I have been ignored. I am not sure how I can get these men motivated…or if it is even possible. Yesterday I removed all the paintings off the walls. Soon I will move the furniture out. To heck with a service group..I will have to make my own group.

I am going to set up some work days and send out some emails and see what happens…how does that sound for a plan of action?  Pretty good for an old tired broad with a bad cold:)

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  1. It's those 57 kids that scare me the most... fortunately you have some help. You are one busy (even if tired) old broad, Connie! This is more than a full time job, it seems, at least right now. Isn't it supposed to be part time? :-)

  2. Good luck with the kids. That can be a real test of your patience.

  3. Don't know what to say except good luck.
    Everyone's afraid what the government will do next, so they sit on their money.
    Don't know why the service organizations won't help.
    Wish I was closer.

  4. You'll do great with the kids, they'd be the least of my worries but then again, I'm known as the 'Kid Whisperer' 'round here. Heeehehehehe!!!

    Don't ya hate it when it's easier to do it yourself that to light dynamite under others to get 'em motivated. Yep, I was thinkin' while I was readin' this I'd set up work days and notify the workers to see what happened. Booger...folks are just lazy!

    I do pray that some hefty grants come in so you can do what needs to be done. I know how your heart's in this project sweetie.

    Have a fantastically blessed day. I pray both the funds and volunteers come floodin' in for ya! :o)

  5. As they say....if you want to get something done, ask a busy woman!

  6. Good luck with the visits. Your photo reminded me of an advert that they used to have on the inside of the upper decks of Manchester buses. It too said, "Do Not Spit". On one occasion it was next to an advert for the Manchester Ship Canal which simply said "Use The Ship Canal!"

  7. By the time you read this, the kids will be history, but I'd quake, too. Too bad about the "volunteers" and others, but think it has ever been thus. Have you tried a letter to the editor column in your local newspaper? Good luck and take care of yourself first.

  8. I too was thinking about the newspaper. Can you find a friend (reporter) there that needs things to write about? And yeah, a long letter to the editor would be a good place to start. I'm sure you can fit it in with all the other stuff you are doing for the museum, Ha Ha Ha:(
    Don't know what they pay you, but it is not near enough!

  9. You are one busy lady! Thanks for keeping us up dated. Love knowing what is happening.

  10. I don't know if your local High School sets the same standards for their Honor Society strudent that ours did. I say "Did" because this was when my girls were in school and the last one graduated in 2003, so after that I don't know. But.... the Honor Society members were required to donate so many hours a month in volunteerism in the town. You might want to contact the school to see if they have something like that. The honor students are usually reliable too. They can lift and tote and paint for you or just someone to help answer the phone when you are giving a tour.

    Hope that gets you some help.

  11. I, too, am thinking of service hours for teens. Most schools now make it a requirement,, and you might get some much-needed assistance.
    I'll bet you wowed those little kids -- at that age, they can be easily impressed!
    Good luck with those grants -- sounds as if you have some great plans in the works.

  12. As bad as you and Far Guy have felt, I know this job is really taking a toll. Hope the kids were well behaved.
    I wish you both a better weekend.

  13. Volunteer groups like yours can find getting bodies a challenge. We have a volunteer coordinator. She keeps a file on volunteers and does all the phoning to get volunteers to work.

  14. I am now a volunteer....only here in my home town!!!


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  16. Sounds like you've got the right idea. Make dates and try being very specific. Search out grants. You really earn your money, lady!! :):) Good luck with the kids.

  17. It's so hard to have to "ask" when you shouldn't need to. I only wished I lived there as I would help you for sure. You work very hard and as the saying goes "20% of the people do 80% of the work"....I think you're doing the whole 20%!

  18. You are the type person I admire and would enjoy working with - - - motivated with goals and a plan of action. Hooray for the one grant and prayerfully the others will materialize, too. I might have asked you before - - - but do any local colleges or high schools require the students to have service hours before graduation? They do in our area. Looking forward to more updates. (P.S. If people make donations, are they tax-deductible? If so, you might want to advertise that.)


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