Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: May Day

I grew up celebrating May Day. Making baskets and delivering them to the neighbors.

Connie, May 1953

This is an old photo of me..I would have been almost 20 months old.  My first May Baskets.

The deliveries went well.  Far Guy and Chance went along!  These children are my Great Nieces and Nephews!

Anna and Mason May Day

Skittles and Fruit Roll ups were inside the Bees!

Gavin Aubrey and Jordan

Far Guy asked the kids “What day is today?”  The reply “The day we get candy!”

Hailey Brooke and Olivia

The  girls knew right away that it was May Day!  Because they had a previous May Basket delivery a few minutes before we arrived.

I was making the baskets one evening when Alaska Guy was here visiting..he asked “What in the world are you making?”  I replied May Baskets he said “Gosh that was fun when we were little.”  Adam and Noah were visiting over the weekend..Adam said “Whatcha making Grandma?”  I said “May Baskets”  He said “My Mom likes to make them too.”  So next year God willing and the creek don’t rise we will celebrate May Day again! I hope you all had a wonderful May Day! :)

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  1. It's great to have traditions like this. It's something the children will always remember and perhaps carry on themselves. The bees are wonderful!

  2. I love hearing about May Day traditions. It's my favorite day of the year!

  3. It's a wonderfully fun almost lost tradition...I'm so glad your keepin' it alive and well.

    The youngens look thrilled and the bee baskets are fan....tastic!!!

    Have a glorious day sweetie,
    God bless ya!

  4. I always look forward to your May Day baskets. The kids are so cute...."the day we get candy!!!" ha ha

  5. I made and delivered four May baskets yesterday, all because of YOU. Nobody was home, actually, so I don't know how they were received, but they were filled with chocolate candy. It was indeed fun and I enjoyed it. Of course I bought (and ate) some chocolate for me too! :-)

  6. Awww look at those smiles!! "Candy Day!" LOL!

  7. Wonderful photos and idea of My baskets. Happy May day to you all !

  8. I seriously have missed something...around here, all we got was flower-filled May Day baskets!

    Glad the deliveries went well!

  9. I didn't get to do it last night....the kids decided they were celebrating Terry's birthday one day early so that is what we did....68 years and still counting!!!


  10. Well, I'm so glad it went well and look at those smiles! I didn't get any but I didn't give any year I will! That's too cute and fun too!

  11. We had two HAPPY dogs here enjoying the treats in their May baskets! Thank you much!

  12. Interesting account of your traditions for celebrating May Day. Yours is a tradition I had never heard of before. Neat tradition!

  13. Those are sooooo cute - - -what a creative touch to the cone-shape!

  14. Adorable shots! You were a cute child...

  15. How lovely they all look! We don't have May Day baskets in Scotland. The tradition in Edinburgh that young girls would climb Arthur's Seat (the dormant volcano) and wash their faces in the dew, in order to ensure perfect skin. I wish I'd done it now ;-) Jo

  16. I absolutely love May Day and flower filled May Baskets and memories of having my girls sneak May Day bouquets up to family and friends' door knobs!

    Imagine my surprise when May Day in our local city became an opportunity for thuggery and distruction. Our local city is stupid because they saw it coming and didn't stop it. I'm glad I am not involved directly in being part of or using that city's commmerce.

    I love your May Day basket tradition, the baskets are smile producing!

  17. Maybe I'll try to do something like this next year.


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