Friday, May 18, 2012

Chance : The Life Jacket

Hiya!  It’s me Chance the blogging Border Collie! 

Do you remember that silly super gift Far Side got for Christmas?  That orange thing that they made me wear around inside the house.  When I was all trussed up like a turkey it was hard to walk.  Sometimes I just sat down and refused to move.  WELL the darn thing has a handle at the top and they could lift me up….and if I walked around in it for a little while they gave me a treat.

Getting Trussed up

Getting all trussed up and buckled in for an adventure in Bass Lake.The lure of the water is too great to sit down

The lure of the water is something time for sitting down.

Hey Far Guy follow me

Hey Far Guy follow me! Old people are easy to confuse.

Good Boy

I was a good boy and came when I was called.

Then I did it.

Pulling Far Guy to safety

Far Guy grabbed ahold of me and I drug him safely to shore.  I think maybe he had something else in perhaps taking me out a bit deeper??  Nah he wouldn’t do that to his best friend would he?

Far Side said “Let’s not push it.  Let’s end this session on a positive note.”  So they took my life jacket off and I wandered around scarfing up smelling goose poop:)


  1. Next he will be training you to paddle!

  2. I am very proud of you, Chance.

  3. Aren't you naturally a water dog, Chance? I didn't think you needed a life vest, but heck, what do I know? I'm not as smart as you anyway. How cool that you pulled Far Guy to shore. :-)

  4. Good dog Chance, Far Guy is pretty smart, getting you to pull him in the canoe. You know they think its about time you earn your own keep, it costs lots of money to keep replacing tennis balls. Good luck with your new job!!

  5. Far Guy is a good dog trainer, ending the session on a good note:) Watch out for next time though, Chance!

  6. What a cute post. Way to go Chance!

  7. Chance - - - All the time, we humans thought the jacket was for your own safety, to keep you from drowning. Little did we know the plan was for you to be a water guide dog for Far Guy!!! How unique and what fun for both of you.

  8. Dogs have very important jobs to do to keep us humans from killing ourselves!
    Way to go, Chance!

  9. I remember the life jacket, and it's a good idea.. Maybe he will turn into a water dog that ferries Far Guy around the shore.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Chance the rescue dog. Dogs are good swimmers but life jacket keeps them safer, way to go Chance. I guess there is more than one Bass Lake, your lake pictures look a lot like it could be Bass Lake in California.

  11. My favorite posts on your blog are about Chance. Nothing like an honest dog to let you know what floats his boat--or not.

  12. Well you do look really sporty in your jacket. I guess that you might like it down the way when you get tired of dog paddling. Barney has never been in water. I bet he would like it if he was given a chance like Chance has.

  13. I have never known a dog who had a life vest. Pretty snazzy!
    Always good to end something new on a positive note. :)

  14. GOOSE POOP! COOL! I found some really cool smelly green poop and I rolled in it. Mom is rather upset with me.

    Fuzzy said I stink, but in a good way!



  15. Don't feel bad Chance, it's real common down here. There are lakes everywhere here at least 3 right here in town and people with boats so there are lots of dogs here sporting those things especially when they go out on their boats. We live across the street from the big lake but we rarely go down to it....there are snakes down there sometimes by the shore and Sam doesn't like us getting tangled up with them. Annie and I think you look pretty handsome in that getup.....kinda like one of those rescue dogs and from the looks of the last picture we've concluded you are!
    ruff, ruff.........Nitty and Annie (alias Mutt and Jeff)

  16. Chance you wouldn't believe the dumb things humans make other humans wear, it isn't just dogs that get tortured for their own good. But I did read and article about how not wearing certain things very often is good for you, but you're too young to hear about such things.


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