Monday, November 10, 2014

Three I states in one day

Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. October 30 2014.

Back in Wisconsin…the Amish children were headed for school.

Amish School children on their way to school  

We did enjoy the scenery and most of the photos I took out the window at various speeds when Far Guy was driving.


Dubuque County courthouse


The Dubuque County Courthouse built in 1891 with a 14 foot tall Lady Justice on top…and gold leaf on the dome.

Terraced Farming in Iowa

Terraced farming in Iowa.


Wind Turbines in Illinois

Wind Farms in Illinois.


Mail Pouch Tobacco Indiana

A mail pouch tobacco barn in Indiana.

Sunset in Indiana

Sunset in Indiana.

We saw corn and beans being harvested in every state we went through.  In Indiana corn is grown almost to the edge of the highway.

From Prairie du Chein Wisconsin to Madison Indiana was 537 miles.  We were tired of being in the vehicle.  It was dark, the first motel didn’t take dogs…but they did call another motel and they had room for us and Chance!  We settled in and then ventured out to Captain D’s for some fish and chips… supper was awesome! ( We don’t have Captains D’s up here.) We had a really large room...lots of room to play ball! The time change almost made us miss our continental breakfast the next morning…before we headed out to explore Madison Indiana.


***November 8…It snowed again, our 4th snow it is a tad chilly and the snow is staying on the ground.

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  1. Ugh on the snow!
    You captured some nice photos in the I states. I love the tobacco barn.
    We enjoy Captain D's too.

  2. I never heard of Captain D's. I'll have to look it up. Nice pictures taken from the car, too. :-)

  3. I've never been fond of driving through Indiana (always through, not to!), but the sunset photo is really beautiful and I love the old tobacco barn with advertising on the side. Hooray for a Chance-approved motel!

  4. Enjoyed seeing your travel pictures. The wind farm very interesting. I wonder if farmers can use the land with them there and plant around them?
    The snow has started falling here in MPLS and we could get 8 - 12 inches or somewhere in between. It is to snow all day and into tomorrow. Driving conditions are going to be bad.

    Shirley H.

    1. I think the land is leased or sold to the wind crops are grown there. Maintenance Vehicles must have access to the towers that support the windmill.
      Yes I heard you are getting LOTS of snow, it is snowing here this morning too but it is suppose to stop about an inch:)

  5. Great photos on the fly! I'd love to see a Mail Pouch barn someday.

    Snowing here this AM - 3 inches so far and more to come as it is falling nice and steady.

  6. 537 miles is a lot, and does make for a long day. Ugh!
    I bet Chance was happy to get out of the car to play ball at the hotel!

  7. I like your photos of the "I" states. Stay warm!

  8. If you were driving on I-155 in Illinois, that picture could have been of the farmland around my brother's place near Delavan, IL. I'll bet Chance was really happy to get out of the car.

  9. You went through some awesome country. I have a secret to tell you. You're in for lots more snow. We had about 4 in on the weekend.

  10. Wow! That is nice country, fast traveling. Ground still not white here.Blessings Francine.

  11. The land formations, hills, are so different up there in comparison to most of Iowa. Those hills seem to go all the way down the state. My dad's farm was up and down steep hills and farming them was difficult. One of my young former teacher friends went back home near Dubuque to farm with his dad.

  12. That is some trip! We haven't had the snow yet but it isn't far behind, some of the higher elevations have been getting some. Hopefully you aren't getting too high in the snow piles yet.

  13. Well I just caught up with three days of your trip. My favorite trips are those by car. I love seeing the countryside and stopping at little places. I love the pictures. If Poppy ever retires maybe we can go somewhere again!

  14. What a great trip. I really like the scenery!

  15. What a gorgeous sunset! You captured that one perfectly.

    Well, hope that snow puts you in a holiday mood. May as well enjoy it...

  16. Lots of miles but lots of great scenery and photos. Glad you are sharing with us!

  17. I am enjoying this trip! Winter has arrived, everywhere!


  18. What a great trip! I'm glad you got home before the "big snow" didn't mention it but I'm sure you felt it as I keep an eye out for my Northern friends on the weather channel. Quite a storm for so early in the season. Stay safe and warm.

  19. My someone does not like driving through beautiful Indiana? Southern IN is very interesting and beautiful. It is especially pretty driving along the Ohio River. (I live in SW IN.) Sounds like a great trip and before the bad weather. linda


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