Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Snows

I think we are on our fifth, sixth, or seventh snowfall.  We don’t get much…it turns cloudy and dismal and spits some snow. The big snowfall missed us and the big city and  central  Minnesota got walloped. Tee hee. We like to share our snow.

Snow Nov 11

See not even enough to shovel.

I have been working on finishing up some “stuff” for the craft sale on Saturday.  No worries after the sale I will list some carvings on the page on my sidebar.  I have not had a chance to start selling “stuff” on eBay yet…Facebook sales have been pretty good…no shipping involved!

I made Madison a bracelet that matches her dress for the winter formal.  I am working on Paige’s bracelet.  If the weather cooperates I will be their photographer.  For the winter formal girls ask their guys on the date.  Not that Paige has time for a guy…but someone caught her eye long enough for her to ask him to the dance.

Madison was our company over the weekend, she was hunting with my Dad and would show up for lunch and a visit.  They saw one buck…but missed it…I can’t recall my Dad ever missing a deer.  Missy didn’t miss it when it ran past her!  Josh has a wolf license…sure hope he gets one. (Josh is my nephew and he and his wife Missy live next door.)

Nov 11 at sunset 

Noah is coming this weekend to go deer hunting.  We have a big buck that skirts the woods behind the garages…Chance barks at him. We had a weasel or a mink in  the yard the other night…I went out to the garage and it ran through the yard.  We also have several bunny rabbits…funny what stories the snow can tell you.

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  1. Your photos look so cold! The granddaugters are blessed to have you to take their pics. I look forward to you sharing them. No snow here in GA but the red mud tells a story of what critters lurk in the woods!!!

  2. The white stuff looks better in your yard than in mine. Glad you didn't get hit with the big one. It missed us also. Can't wait to see the pictures you take at the winter dance. Snow tracks always tell an interesting tale.

  3. We are in the midst of cold (for us) because of that polar vortex or whatever it is. Brrr! But no snow for us so far. I know what you mean about snow tracks, though. I like to look at snow even if I don't particularly like to drive in it. Nobody does. :-)

  4. Here in MPLS we were forecast to expect anywhere from 8-12 inches of snow in the recent storm but ended up with about 3 inches. So glad we didn't get more than that. We all hope that this winter will not be as cold and snowy as last winter.

    Shirley H.

  5. Well, a light snow isn't too bad. It makes things look a bit pretty when the sun comes out. It's the gloom that often follows that gets me. Good luck with the craft sale. Hope you will post a picture of the bracelets you are making.

  6. I love 'reading' the stories in the snow. It is amazing who travels through our yard in the dark of night!
    Good luck at the craft sale.

  7. Glad you didn't get "walloped" with snow. A light snow is great for the hunters and like you say for seeing what's around in the tracks. A mink and wolf...fascinating. I almost got knocked down by a deer here when I was hanging clothes one day. You sound pretty busy at your house! Good luck at the fair!

  8. Morning, I also love reading the tracks in the snow.... Blessings Francine.

  9. No snow staying here yet just a few flakes here and there floating about lol ! . Lots of hunters around these parts this time of year to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. My favorite part of snow is the squeaky crunch it makes when conditions are just right.

  11. :-)
    Glad to hear you don't mind sharing your snow. ;-)
    Sorry they missed the deer. What will Josh do with a wolf? Tan the hide and sell it? Is there a good market there?
    Stay warm and have a good weekend!

  12. You are lucky to have all these critters in your yard.

  13. Oh my goodness glory girl...sixth or seventh. We've been as low as the teens and have snow predicted for this weekend here in southern Missouri. Deer season begins this weekend too. I think I've had a deep scrapin' its antlers on a sweet gum tree in the front yard. Ya'll are more then welcome to come sit on the deck, I can't tell you how many deer I see from that spot.

    God bless ya Doll and have a warmly blessed weekend. :o)

  14. I was surprised at the wolf license. do you have a problem with over-preditation there?
    We had a coyote in our yard today, in the city.

    1. yes a number of Wolf Licenses are granted each year:)

  15. When our son and family lived in LaGrange, KY, they took us to Madison. I have a photo of that mansion - not as good as yours and thanks for the name of it!
    Lovely town and I was interested in all the older buildings.

  16. I like reading stories in the snow!!!



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