Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wistful Wednesday : Roots Part Four

This week I want to talk about my Great Grandfather Isak’s brothers and sisters.  He had many.  Most were half brothers and sisters.  Greta Johanna, Born July 10, 1836.  Karl Henrik Born February 23, 1839. Johan Gabriel Born June 28, 1840 and died February 1, 1897.  Abraham Gabriel Born June 21, 1841. Isak Gustaf Born October 10, 1842 and died March 13, 1843. Olaf Born October 29, 1843 and died April 24, 1844.  In 1843 their father Gabriel died.  It must have been a sad year for Liisa Greta Lahti Yliniemi.

Some time in 1852 Liisa Greta must have been lonesome.  She took up with a farm hand and had some children.  The farmhands name was Juho Mattias Ala born January 4, 1825 in Kittila Finland. He was employed at the farm of Gabriel and Liisa Yliniemi from 1841 to 1862.

Children born out of wedlock to Matti and Liisa were:

Greta Matilda Born August 25, 1853 and died May 29, 1941

Grandpa Isaks sister and brother in law in Finland

Greta Matilda and her husband Hans in Finland.

Isak (My Great Grandfather) Born September 19, 1857 in Muonio Finland.  Died December 9, 1932 In Minnesota.

Great Grandpa Yliniemi

Then apparently there is another child….because Verniel has a photo of him.

Isaccson Family

The photo is labeled Isak’s brother Emanuel Isaacson Yliniemi.  Born April 15, 1860.

That would have made Liisa Greta 46 years old when she gave birth.  Maybe there are more children..who knows for sure?

I don’t know about the rest of you but having an old photo of relatives helps them come alive instead of just names and dates on a sheet of paper.

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  1. It's fascinating to look at photos from so long ago. Study them long enough and you can see a bit of the person's personality and you wonder what they must have been like. You wonder what they were thinking at that moment.
    I found myself going back and forth from Isaac's to Emmanuel's, thinking I saw a family resemblance.
    Isaac looks almost biblical.
    And the names!

  2. Yes - photo's give a person's "dash" some substance... and some personality! Your relatives look like an engaging lot!!

  3. No big scarlet letters or any such thing in Finland, I guess. But the fact that you know about it means that somebody was paying attention to things like having a dead husband and still having children pop out. I also love to see the old pictures and find myself studying them for clues about life back then. :-)

  4. I'm sure that having children out of wedlock was quite a scandal so I'm impressed that it was recorded. Large families were the norm in those days. My mother had seven siblings, and one of her sisters eventually had 12 children.

    I love the photos - they are treasures.

  5. The men in that line have so much hair! No bald spots -- wonder what their secret was.
    I also love to study the old photos and look for clues to flesh out the people. The last one is fun, where you can see the teacup and dessert on a nicely set table and even candlelight. Wonder what the occasion was . . . .

  6. Hi Connie, always enjoy your posts and pictures of long ago, very interesting, Francine.

  7. Photos would certainly make history come alive. People at tht time faces many hard ships. Lack of health care and knowledge made things challenging and many died from things that are not a danger today.

  8. i agree. photos make life real - especially when relatives are not around. my mom had me when she was "old' too. they say babies born of older parents are geniuses. hey, im not complaining. great post. cheers!!

  9. Fantastic photos and post ! Wonderful to know this info about your family from years ago past and have the photos with it ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  10. I agree. I do love looking at old old pictures. I just get carried away with their clothes,etc. Hope you will post about your friend visiting...the one with the Cadillac. :)

  11. I have a friend whose mother was 48 when my friend was born. It happens.

    Wonder how that last brother worked into the family constellation. Interesting photograph. Hope you can find out more about him!

  12. I totally agree - I love that old photos give those names some faces and some context!

  13. Yes! The photos make them come alive. I've thought about that now that people can so easily take videos. If we can even watch them in a hundred years they could see people walking and talking and laughing--wow! Won't that be awesome! :)

  14. Very interesting post....I also love the old photos from my family!


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