Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Showy Lady’s Slippers

The Minnesota State Flower is an orchid called the Showy Lady’s Slipper or Cypripedium reginae.  Of course I knew where to find just a few.

Six Slkippers

These are on the west side of Shell Lake.

There are many along other roads where it is either dusty or they have mowed them off already, some are in such traffic heavy areas taking photos is out of the question.

Where we were last evening only one car came speeding by.

Two Slippers

Update on the White Lady’s Slipper that Jo and I found a few years ago.  The deer have eaten them off again.

Shell Lake White slippers

Buggers anyway.  The white ones grow a bit taller than the Showy Lady’s Slippers and they must be real tasty.

Far Guy had a Neurologist appointment in Fargo yesterday, we got up early to go and were home by 11 AM.  I made us eggs ( farm fresh from friends of my other baby brother) and bacon after I cleaned up the kitchen I had a four hour nap.

The appointment went fine…although some equilibrium problems were noticed hopefully it is from his “crud” or some fluid on his ears. 

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  1. Sure wish I could see a Lady Slipper in the wild. Hope Far Guy is feeling better as well as you. That four hour nap must have been a "doozy". Both of you "Please just get better soon"!

  2. I see you have a new header, and you're out taking pictures of flowers now, so you're on the mend. Now let's get FG well so we can enjoy the beautiful summer! :-)

  3. You love those Lady Slippers. I am glad you share that love with us.
    So glad you are sleeping as your body needs it. I have caught some virus that mimics strep throat and it makes a person super tired, too. Glad I am at the end of it though.
    I sure hope Far Guy's equilibrium problems dissipate as he continues to heal from the crud.

  4. I always thought that only in the tropics did orchids grow and am surprised to learn that our MN ladyslippers are orchids. They are so lovely and I have been enjoying your pictures of ladyslippers. Thank you for educating us about flowers.
    I hope that Far Guy's sense of balances gets better soon. Keep taking those longs naps and Far Guy too.

    Shirley H.

  5. At least the deer left evidence that the white Lady's Slipper is healthy and still blooming. ;o)

  6. I never thought of Lady's slippers being orchids but of course it makes sense. They really are lovely. Our provincial flower is Dogwood.
    Hope you are all well on the road to recovery.

  7. Texas flower is the beautiful bluebonnet, which is only in bloom for a short spell in the spring. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Fargo reminds me of the recent TV show....lots of good acting in that one!

  8. Such a beautiful flower, love the color. Hoping Far Guy feels better soon, Blessings Francine.

  9. Hungry deer around here, too! We had 6 lad slippers on our lot. Just lovely!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  10. I love those Lady Slippers, but I've never seen any around here.

  11. They are so beautiful. I remember seeing one good patch of them many years ago. They were in a clearing in the woods where they grew. I only saw them that one time near our cabin but the locals kind of kept it a secret as to where they were growing. Iowans can't be trusted I guess around wild flowers. I gave away the painting that I did of them from that visit. The photos that I have from the visit are poor compared to what a digital camera does today.

  12. I sure love seeing you Lady's Slippers. I am glad to see that you are feeling better. I thought about you when I was back home. I sure wish I could of come for a visit. Maybe next time!

  13. Lovely! We used to have so etching similar in NC - I loved finding these gems in the woods there.
    Darn deer! Can't they eat something that isn't as unusual and pretty?!

  14. Is that Fargo, MN or Fargo, ND? Glad the appointment went well and hope he recovers soon. The lady's slippers are gorgeous....those dang deer. Couldn't they have waited at least until you got a picture?

  15. I am fascinated by the Lady's Slippers and any time I see a photo of one, I think of you.
    I know the trip to the neuro was hard on both of you. Sorry to hear about the equilibrium problems.
    Glad you got some sound rest yesterday.
    I did the same today; guess I will be up late tonight but it felt good.

  16. Keep on with the lady slipper photos. Nicely done.

  17. Well, there's the evidence: the reason why folks like my mom never felt deer had any endearing qualities. It is sometimes a never-ending battle to keep the plants on your front lawn deer-safe!

    When you mentioned you had to drive to Fargo, I thought that visit to the specialist was going to be an all-day ordeal, but then I saw the "a.m." next to the 11:00...not too bad! But still a nap-worthy effort, especially after cooking all the fixin's for breakfast, too :)

  18. Beautiful pictures - I never tire of the lady slippers. I saw some yellows this spring but they were almost done will have to look to see if I even took any pictures. I have never seen a white one but it looks like not many have - darn deer! Hope you both are on the mend ~ you need to get out and enjoy summer :)

  19. Darn deer:( Could you put a little cylinder of wire fencing around them next year? I did that to my two little Saskatoon Berry bushes, which the deer love and this year they are finally going to produce some berries.
    Hope FarGuy's 'gunk' clears up soon!

  20. The deer seem to love any kind of flowers...well, anything edible and easy to snatch.
    Glad the appointment went well. :)


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