Monday, June 4, 2012

Taking your kids out to play

We drove up to visit Jen and Andy and the grand boys at their summer campsite.  They picked up two of the grand girls along the way..and we picked up the other grand and let her drive us to the campsite.  Savannah has her permit.   There is a reason I left all drivers education to Far Guy.  My brake foot gets all worn out.  We arrived safely.

We sat around under the trees in the light rain and had lunch ..then the sun came out.

A mama chipmunk ran through..and got Chance’s full attention.  He was on his leash.  Good thing too or there would have been orphan chippys.


Soon there was a big chippy and a little chippy.  The mama chipmunk brought out her babies to play.  One by one she got them out from under the dumpster lead them under our car then under the pontoon across the road into the safety of a deadfall (A tree that had fallen  down.)

Chance was very excited.

Chipmunk June 03

The mama watched in the upper branches whilst her babies played.  The babies were not very good climbers yet and often fell off into the brush.

Jen and I watched them for a long time. We are curious how the mama chippy “told” the first ones to stay put until she got back with everyone.  As she brought them out she ran in front of them and if they didn’t follow she would go back and touch them with her nose.

Three Chipmunks

The whole family was out to play.

We played a game with the grands..called “What is yours like?”.  A clue is viewed by everyone except the guesser, then the guesser asks the others one by one “What is yours like?”  It was great fun with lots of giggling. 

We always enjoy an afternoon spent with all the grands..Far Guy and I need to buy some water rifles as a squirt gun fight broke out and we were unarmed:)

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  1. My kind of day, nature and family!

  2. Sounds.... dreamy!
    I would have loved to watch the chipmunks!

  3. Those chipmunk pictures are wonderful. Thank you for keeping Chance tied up so there are a few more of these pretty little guys in the world. I had to laugh when you reminded me of my own mother trying to teach ME how to drive. She wore out her brake foot, too! :-)

  4. Sounds like a very enjoyable day was had by all.

  5. A major perk of being a middle school teacher for a period of years was the mass collection of illegal (in school) squirt guns I collected... Cute chipmonk story.

  6. So glad you shared the day with us. I relaxed just visualizing it. Glad, too, that that your cold or whatever it was seems to be on the run.

  7. What cute chipmunks! And it's always fun to play with water pistols!

  8. I can watch chipmunks all day! And the mama and babies--I would have been in seventh heaven! I'm glad Chance was tied up, though. ;)

    Never heard of that game. Sounds like a hoot! I never seems to be armed for water gun warfare.

  9. Just like taking Miggy out some where or better yet in our back yard lol Cute photos of chippys . We call them that to . We have one with a chip in his ear called chippy lol and one with a short tail, of course I call him stubby lol Country folk eh? I sit watch and photograph the wild life here for hours . Great post and photos. Have a good day !

  10. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon...I'm envious...

  11. Aren't you just picturing the mama chipmunk standing on her hind legs, holding a front paw out flat in front of a baby's nose, and saying 'STAY':)
    Sounds like a nice afternoon all round.

  12. Sounds like such a relaxing day! Loved the close-up shots of the chipmunks.

  13. That sounds like a great time Connie. Great pics of the chipmunks. It is so sweet to watch the animals take their young and teach them.

  14. WONDERFUL POST! Just wonderful! I'm linking your three blogs to mine today! (Not because of this post, but because you asked to see my Sundial garden from all sides)


  15. I love these pictures of the chipmunks! And your game sounds like a whole lot of fun! A campsite for the whole summer? How delicious!

  16. Oh, that sounds like a fun afternoon! And what sweet pics of the chipmunks. Poor Chance, I'm sure it was very frustrating for him.


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