Sunday, May 6, 2012

Museum: Wedding Dress

This is one of many wedding dresses in the museum.  This one is not your usual wedding dress. IMG_1085

Here is the info.


1918 Campfire Design



I did a quick search and found no wedding dress design called Camp Fire.  I will have to dig deeper. The vesty looking satin part drapes beautifully and has great lines.

I spent some time in the Toggery yesterday..making sure photos were turned right side up and everything was in it’s proper place.  I could spend a week in this room.  Everything should be moved and cleaned under and around. There are boxes and even some old suitcases shoved under displays that contain clothing. And hat boxes galore…I really need a volunteer to adopt this room too!  Someone who is as energetic and excited as Tom my Library Volunteer..he showed up every morning this past week!

I am tired, one week down twenty-one to go.  It was a long week, and cool.. most visitors didn’t stay too long. Yesterday I sat outside for a was warmer outside than inside and it was only 60 degrees outdoors:)

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  1. I have never seen a dress like that. What a wonderful piece.

  2. I love the wedding dress posts, they are so beautiful, what a treasure.

    Wondering what else they might have hidden away...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. What a wonderful dress... campfire style huh?

  4. Sounds like she was wild and crazy and got married while camping to me. If you look up camping in the early 1900s the women wore long dresses or skirts and smocks or whatever over their dress...and straw hats. I love that idea--that they got married outdoors while camping someplace. :)

  5. I love your posts from the museum! I don't get out much and there aren't any near here that I know of. So many people don't appreciate old things until they're gone. That includes people too. I have always loved "old" anything! I think I was a pioneer in my last life! LOL! Or...maybe a gunslinger?

  6. Wow wouldn't it be fun to have had a wedding photo to go with the dress?! I love it, very unusual.

  7. The dress has been well cared for and is in great condition for its age. Too bad we all can't say the same.

  8. I love the dress. The fabric looks luxurious. I'm into vintage fashions and fabrics lately. Thanks for sharing

  9. It's great that some people actually hung on to this dress so many, many years later, we could see it.

  10. There's a great story behind so many items. Interesting to see the changes over time and differences with various culture groups.

  11. Hummmm, maybe a version on today's candlelight version! Heeehehehe!!!

    The dress is a beauty and I'm sure even more so in person. I hope to hear the 'real' story behind the name someday.

    Oh sweetie, I feel for ya bein' cold. Hopefully it'll warm up for ya'll soon. I'm prayin' that you recruit some great volunteers to help ya out. I sure hope the museum board appreciates the jewel they have in you.

    God bless ya and enjoy your week!!! :o)

  12. I'm going to have to go back to review the other wedding dress posts. Is it really two colors?


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