Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wistful Wednesday: Late 1950's

This is a photo of Far Guys family.  His Mom and his sister on the left and his Grandparents A ( Curt and Meady) on the right.  That would be Far Guy with the attitude.   I can almost smell the fried chicken, and the gravy in the soup bowl in front of Far Guys Mom.  This table with the pull out sections was in the basement for years..I wish we had it, with its chrome legs and all.  Far Guys Mom made the best fried chicken, she would dredge it through a flour mixture and brown it up on all sides and then put it in the oven. Whatever was left in the frying pan was used to make the gravy..oh it tasted so good!  I am not particularly fond of chicken, and I rarely make it with its skin on, but I suppose I could..just so I could make some chicken gravy!

This past weekend, we talked and wondered with cousins..when did Grandma A (Meady) get out of the sanitarium, she had Tuberculosis and was institutionalized, she lost her hearing during the treatments of her  TB.  We asked Uncle Willard and he could not remember when she went in or when she got out.   I will ask him another day, and he may remember. He is 93 years old, and like he says his memory doesn't work like it used to.  She is obviously out of the sanitarium when this photo was taken..I wish that calendar was not cut off in the photo.  It must be 1958, or 1959.  Maybe Far Guy's sister remembers?

So what kind of punishment do you think Far Guy got?  He was pretty spoiled, especially by his Mother.  I am guessing he had to sit in the corner or write on a piece of paper 100 times. "I will not stick out my tongue at the dinner table." :)


  1. My mother's fried chicken was wonderful, too. She also covered the chicken with a mixture of flour and corn meal and then it was into a HOT cast iron skillet. She would put the skillet in the oven to keep the chicken warm, and yes, it does make the very best gravy. I miss those meals!

  2. My grandmother was the best southern cook. Your memory made me 'member' my own 1950 years.


  3. I loved eating at my grandmothers home her fried chicken and grave was so good.
    Now we never fry any thing at our house and I got good at doing my grandmothers way of cooking when I was young. Now if we get fried chicken hunger KFC is it.

  4. well, he still acts up, so whatever they did didn't take! That's a priceless picture, Connie!

  5. That table is pretty nifty! Shame on him! My mothers mother died from TB. I never knew her.

  6. I still have a table like that. Belonged to my parents. I use it for a desk because I like it so much - white with red edges and red vinyl chairs. I had to special order a filing cabinet to match it. Simple pleasures...

  7. lovely blog Connie. I so enjoy memories of the old days which include food. In our house it was Friday's roast chicken and roast potatoes....the whole house would be perfumed with the wonderful aroma for hours till dinnertime. And then........ Ahhhh.

  8. Such a 1950s kitchen scene, it could have been ours. Same clothes, same furniture. Transported me back 50 years.

  9. Hi Connie,

    I really enjoy peeking in on your blog from time to time, your picture reminded me of my grandparents house, and that was the 80's!

    I hope you and Far Guy are both well, we are really missing him over on the BT forum, please pass on our regards to him and ask him to drop back in when he can.

    Much love


  10. I like a boy with attitude! ;-)

  11. Hi Gracie, Glad you stopped by, I will encourage him to check out the forum it called Neuro Talk now? He had to sign up again..he says there are different names know what Tegretol does..makes you stupid. Maybe the BT forum is someplace else? My email is in with my profile:)

  12. Hello, it's been a pleasure reading your blog, your grumpy blog had me in fits of laughter, and chances jailing about ended me, we have a border collie who was at an emergency vet appointment on sunday night after managing to snaffle 200g of chocolate covered coffee beans, after a shot, a vomiting session reminicent of a scene from the excorcist and 170 quid later she is thankfully fine.

    There is no breed like the border collie, they have a personality and attitude all of their own, I don't think I could have another breed now.

    Ah, my old friend stupid, I know her well, tegretol is a beast though, it can screw you up royally, but I for one would be lost without it, it's one of those damned if you do damed if you don't drugs!
    Yeah we've missed Mr Far, the site was down for a while, and although my login was fine, the site has been quiet so maybe that's why!
    The new addy is

    So tan his hide for us and tell him off and that he's got to get himself back over to join us ( not that there's anything to report, since things are so quiet, but hey, if we round the troops back up maybe things'll perk up)

    Anyway I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for brightening up my morning.

    Gracie x x x

  13. the good old days -- when tables were small, and meals were simple.

  14. My Bet has been singing a song about chicken and gravy - and now I fear I need to be doin' up some fried chicken and gravy, I admit to caving at a moments notice and over the simplist non-suggestions! Tongue sticking out - I still refer to it, my final weapon of choice in a battle.


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