Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wildflowers: June 10, 2010

Minnesota's State flower or Cypripedium reginae or the Showy Lady's Slipper are beginning to bloom. This is at least a week earlier than most years. We were at the neighbors and they said..take some photos of our Lady I did.  These are the first ones that we have found in complete bloom, they do have a sunny spot, there was lots of PI(Poison Ivy) in the it was difficult to get close..they keep hollering at me the entire time "Hey Con, watch out for the Poison Ivy." .. helpful neighbors.  Far Guy was of no help, he hollered ""Hey Con, watch out!"  watch out for what..I am half in and out of a sswamp...there is PI and who knowsss what elsssse.  I have seen ssssnakes at this place before, Chance is in the car and Tackle Box is off begging for food from one of the guests, and I do not have my magic red snake repelling boots on.

The Showy Lady's Slippers can be found in our area in the ditches and at the edge of swamps from now through the end of June unless it gets real warm..then they will fade fast. This is just one of my favorite Orchids that are native to Minnesota.

MY garage has been cleaned out in preparation for a garage sale,  the "stuff" is marked and I am ready to make my fortune in the next day or two..I have a great group of gals that are going to join me..we are all going to sell off "stuff" that we no longer use..they have some pretty good "stuff" too as I have already purchased some of it.  Far Guy is dragging his heels, every time I enter his garage and say "Doncha have something over here in this huge mess that you want to sell?"  he gives me one item at a time to dust off and put a price tag on.  Today I suppose he will lock all his doors:)


  1. We have Columbines that appear in June (down below---where we live)July on the Plateau.

    Love your orchids...we have to buy them for house plants here.


  2. Beautiful pictures Connie. I wish you lots of success with the yard sale. When joining in with others I always see something they have that I want!!! Far Guy sounds just like John. His theory is hang on to it; you never know when you might need it!

  3. Those are such pretty flowers. I wish we could come to your garage sale!!! Do you ever sell puppies? We could donate Mister Higgins to the sale :) (please don't tell the Duchess that I said that or I could get in big trouble).

    Emma Rose

  4. I was talking about Lanny and the wedding thing with the abused dirt and Holy Spirt invitation. Not the way you talk.( hope I was not out of line)

  5. Beautiful Lady Slippers. I saw them in the wild only once in all the time I owned the cabin up at Grand Rapids. There was a forested area with a little clearing and the neighbors said come and see. I don't think we ever got up there early enough and that year they were blooming late. I have some sprouts if you catch my drift.
    I am going to do a watercolor painting of Lady Slippers when I get my life back.

  6. Hey - do ya want more of my junk at your house!!! You may see me early if it's raining, otherwide, I'll just have to make it over there to see if any of your junk should come to my house for awhile!!!

  7. Wish I lived closer, I'd come and buy something but then you'd have to slap me cause I need to have my own garage sale. Nice pic's........I've never seen those in the real;)

  8. I love yard sales..wish I lived closer i would come to yours. ha
    those ladyslippers are marvelous! We don't see them up here...we have Trilliums which I LOVE!


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