Saturday, November 28, 2015


Some signs of the times.

sign empty

This sign is empty; it used to advertise the Broasted Chicken and pop specials or Welcome Hunters or Welcome Fishermen, depending on the time of year.

Closed store

The Post Office which is attached to the store is still open but only for a few hours in the mornings.  The steel door in the photo was installed after several break ins at the store.

The store was a mainstay in Osage for many years. We were sad to see it close.  You could tell it was coming, they added an aisle of dollar store “stuff”.  The shelves became emptier as time went on and when the coolers stood empty I began to wonder how long they would hang on.

Millpond froze over

The Millpond is frozen over.  Some idiot has a fish house out there…hope they caught something and survived to see another day without disappearing under the ice.

Foot Update:  Our daughter the Nurse Practitioner looked at my foot and declared it a Spider or something similar bite.  I am taking some Zyrtec as she suggested but it really makes me sleepy…I get to sleep 14 or more hours after taking it. AND dream oh my…Technicolor adventures for hours and hours.

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  1. I take Claritin and Benadryl and avoid Zyrtec because it does funny things to me, too. I think if I got dreams like that, I might take it anyway. You reminded me of a spider or something bite I got on my elbow years ago, and it took months to completely go away. Hope your bite doesn't last that long.

  2. So sorry about the spider bite. I got one on my foot when we lived at Nalley Valley. Couldn't put my weight on my foot - weird! Always sad to see long time stores close their doors. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. You take it easy! Hopefully the spiders will be sleeping soon, too!
    I have a wicked cold virus, caught from my hospice client!
    hubby's got stomach issues, from buying ready-made food when he shouldn't for us. sigh. He's intolerant to yeast, dairy, eggs,...

  4. I had to go back and read about your bite. Hope your foot gets better soon. Spider bites scare me. That's one reason I decided to clean out my fabric closet, a good place for a Brown Recluse to hide. No way would I go in that fish house our on that ice! :) Take care!

  5. Yes, it's sad to see the mom and pop stores go out of business. Hope your spider bite heals quickly!

  6. Oh my on the ice fisher. Sounds like someone is pushing the limits. Hope their stupidity doesn't kill them, but it would be good if they got a scare.
    Yes, sad to see small stores go. Glad you got a second opinion on the bite.

  7. The doctor told my daughter when he determined it was a brown recluse bite that she must find the spider! It had began its meal, could detect it and would return again and again to's that for scary????

    Someone sent me a link, long lost, that black walnuts in their shell and hull repel spiders. I have not tested it but have found no spiders in my walnut sacks.

    Glad you are being treated.


    1. That is scary, but we don't have the Brown Recluse in Minnesota. If we did I would probably be dead by now:)

  8. Those are not happy signs of the times. I hope you have a speedy recovery from the bite.

  9. Too bad about the local grocery store. It's almost impossible for small places to stay in business as people are willing to travel far and wide to save a few cents. That's one brave ice house owner!

  10. Sad to hear the local store closed; it is a tough world competing against big stores. I hope you recover quickly from the spider bite.

  11. It certainly is handy having a nurse practitioner in the family! I hope the Zyrtec does the trick. Meanwhile you can catch up on your sleep!! Happy Dreams.

  12. Those spider bites can be pretty awful but the antihistamine is really all you can do. I hope it heals up quickly and aren't those dreams just crazy? :)

  13. Yup so many good old places closing down it is a shame ! Hope you get better soon from that bite but I would be wary of the meds making you sleep so much here they give you an antibiotic cream to put on the bite or a antibiotic pill to take . Hope all works out well , have a good day !

  14. Help - a spider bite! Yikes.

    Lovely shots - winter is there!

  15. What kind of spiders do you grow up there in Minnesota? Glad you said you don't have any brown recluses! Hope that is just a normal, everyday harmless spider that took its bite out of you :(

  16. Sad to see local places close up.
    I've never had a spider bite. Guess I've been lucky.
    Technicolor dreams for hours could be quite interesting, indeed! ;)

  17. I've had a couple of bites that I thought were spider bites - the develop into what looks like a blister. Someone said they are oak mites. They itch and hurt like the dickens. Hope you heal fast!

  18. Gosh, I'm sorry. Spider bites are scary and take a long time to go away.


  19. I hope you're okay with that bite. One of the only times I was in the hospital was from a spider bite. So glad you don't have brown recluse there because that's exact;y what I thought it was. They like dark inside shoes. Hang in there!


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