Friday, November 13, 2015

Chance: What is happening around here?

Hello!  It is I Chance the wonder blogging Border Collie. 

I saw a kitty cat, now mind you I don’t eat kitty cats or even taste them …but I do bark at them.  So I barked a bunch.  The kitty cat is black and white in all different spots than a skunk.  Black body no white stripes and white feet…and boy is it fat well fed  a good mouser. Far Guy has been seeing this kitty and Far Side saw it wandering through the yard when I was gone to town off duty.

We walk everyday.  We had two really nice days earlier in the week.  Sometimes Far Side goes along and sometimes she doesn’t.


I am the leader.  Then you know what they did to me?  They stopped following.  One walked one way and the other walked a different way…I had to check on them both…I ran back and forth between them…why oh why don’t they go the same places?

Dancing in The driveway

There was a whole lot of deer dancing going on in the driveway.  The shooting has calmed down, that one day shots rang out all over every twenty minutes or so.   I was supposed to stay close to the house…but I preferred inside the house where I was safe!

I am still shedding…they say it is enough to make a whole other Border Collie.  I get brushed about every day…cause someone hates dog hair.  That someone is a she, and she clipped the hair on my feet cause she said I would track less dirt in the house…and then she clipped my toe nails…oh and she cleaned my ears too.  Then she was happy.

It snowed enough last night to be considered the second snow…Far Side was so excited. NOT!  She doesn’t like snow as much as I do.  Nothin’ better than fresh snow…stay AWAY from the yellow snow…just a tip for you!



  1. Loved this story Chance. I have only had border Collies they are the smartest dogs. Love to watch dancing deer. Hug B

  2. Hi Chance - You're a good dog to take your people out for a walk, and I'm sure they're much safer now that you've told that cat a thing or two.

  3. Hi Chance, your stories just crack me up. You are so humorous when you tell a story.I am so glad you are there to take care of Far Guy and Far Side and keep those two in line. Don't know what kind of trouble they would get in if your weren't there. Have a great weekend and keep up the good work.

  4. Oh come on Chance, you know she really likes snow ;-).

  5. LOL Chance - you're hilarious!

  6. Yes Chance, you are an amazing dog, but I agree with you about your people not thinking about what they are putting you through when they go different places. And all that fur you're shedding, right when it's getting cold! Better stop that, you'll need it. I like snow too. :-)

  7. You need to get your humans under control. That wandering off has to stop.

    Glad to hear the deer are dancing, the cats are prowling, and you like snow. I'm like the boss snow for me!

  8. Hello Chance, good to hear from you! Yes, my dog Bear used to try and "herd" all my friends when we went out hiking.

  9. Hummm Fat cat...wild fat thinks you might have a momma to be cat lurking around there, Chance!


    ┊  ★

  10. We have a border collie named Bob who needs the same spa treatment. Do you think you could send your stylist down here?

  11. You do have your challenges with cats and crazy people who won't go where they're supposed to.

  12. Those cats! Such a bother, eh? Tell Far Side I like her banner pix. I took a drive around here on Veterans Day just to see all the flags in the neighborhood.

  13. Barney too is really shedding. We didn't think he had fleas but the treatment seemed to solve some serious itching that was going on. Barney loves to walk at night on the same sidewalk that he is familiar with. Some nights he shocks me and takes me in a different direction closer to main street. Kids who know us honk even at night because the recognize the old man and his dog. Your stray kitty is probably looking for a new home with a black and white dog.

  14. You're a lucky dog, Chance, to have a walk every day and get to be the leader!! Better appreciate the brushing, otherwise you might have to be an outside dog.

  15. Hi Chance! Snow? You lucky! I love snow...Annie not so much. I'm not sure what she'll do when we move North. We've been walking too as it has been perfect Fall weather like Mom likes....she even sat outside in the sun and knitted a bit. I've been laying out in the grass too. Summer is too hot but right now is perfect.
    Stay safe during hunting season!
    your friend, Nitty


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