Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Birds

Remember these beautiful eggs?


They all hatched.  Yes there are four is toward the back.

Four Robins

Right now they are so ugly only their mother and father could love them.


Their mouths are open most all the time waiting for the food deliveries.

I had the day off yesterday.  Chance and I lollygagged in the yard..watching the birds.  A grey colored kitty cat sauntered into the yard..Chance quickly escorted it from the yard.  When I told Far Guy..he said “OH No..I hope the baby birds are okay.”  We checked and they were just fine.

Chance and I did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, dusted and put all kinds of “stuff” away…and wished our day was longer but we were tired so it is probably good it wasn’t.  Chance gets in a real funk when Far Guy is gone all day…then he waits and watches for him to come home. We warmed up we didn’t even pretend to cook:)

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  1. Ohhhh, baby robins! In no time they will have feathers instead of fuzz, and be overflowing the nest instead of having to stretch to get their beaks above the edge. They will get fatter and fatter and their mom will be skinny as a rail from running for food! It is such fun to watch.

  2. They are so ugly they are cute. My sister has two baby doves on her air conditioner, they flew for the first time yesterday and are back again to be fed by Mom and Dad. She is the same as Far Guy: worried about them, hoping they'll make it. :-)

  3. Take heart! There may be more babies to watch. The barn swallows that made a nest on top of the light fixture by the laundry room door are on their second batch of babies this spring.

    I love the robins, they are the first sign of spring for us in this area.

  4. Aren't those eggs just gorgeous? And those little beaks and mouths all set for mealtime. I never get tired of Mother never gets old and I am still astounded by the miracle of it all. I hope that cat stays away!

  5. The baby birds are giving you much joy. I'm glad that cat did not get them. Good for Chance!

  6. Nice shots ! Sounds like you had a good but busy day !

  7. I had no idea that one of the many hats Chance wears would be escort service ;)

  8. I love those prehistorically ugly baby birds! LOL!
    Chance misses his buddy. Those guys always like to hang tight. ;)
    So glad Chance got rid of the cat (even though I love cats, as you know) and the baby birds were all okay. Have a super weekend! :)

  9. I just took a picture of the Robins eggs this morning, then I come on over to look at your blog and what do I see the same thing! Pretty neat.

  10. That's great that Chance helps keep the baby birds safe, and that he helps so much around the house!
    How fun to watch them grow. :o)

  11. Chance really is man's best friend then even though he gave you his time to help around the house. I like the bird update and you are right, only a mom could love their looks right now.

  12. Cute little babies! Glad you and Chance had a nice day together.

  13. Birds nests are rally vulnerable to many things. Here crows are the biggest predators.

  14. Love that robins egg blue, it's so lovely. Hope that the poor little things make it, but with Chance as a watchdog they should do fine.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. It is interesting that not only are your seasons starting later but the robins are hatched later also. The blue eggs are so great in color and the birds will look better soon.


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