Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14 2012

Far Guy’s Lilac is about to bloom.Lilacs about to bloom

This year it will have more than two blooms!  Pay no attention to the dandys showing their sunny yellow color in the bottom of the photo.

I got my voice back yesterday..well partially back. I still sound a frog.   So far Far Guy has escaped this virus.

We had supper out with Jen, Andy and the boys and enjoyed their company on Saturday evening.  Far Guy and I went grocery shopping and went to Dairy Queen for a Cherry Sundae for Mother’s Day.. then I had a three hour nap…and then I watched the Survivor finale. So it was a good weekend despite my not feeling so hot.

I have school tours to give at the museum this week..First Graders..hope my voice holds out.  One thing nice about First Graders is that you can keep the tour simple.  I haven’t figured out how I will manage 40 first graders at once yet..or how many groups I will be able to split them into depending on how many volunteers I round up. Ten kids per group would be great..these are out of town first graders with a whole hour to spend at the museum…what fun:)

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  1. I enjoy tours. I use to have them at the farm when I had miniature horses. I still have them at work but not often.

    Have a wonderful day. Glad you are on the mend.

  2. Ah, end of school year field trips. Kids love them. Your Mothers Day sounds lovely...especially the cherry sundae with your feller.

  3. Glad you had a good weekend. I hope you will continue to improve and feel better. Good luck with all those little kids.

  4. Breaking all the kids groups into smaller ones sounds perfect. I wish I had been given museum tours when I was a kid in school. Glad to hear you're feeling better and have at least some voice back! :-)

  5. Who won the surviver series? Glad to hear your voice is coming back and that Far Guy escaped the virus. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Ice cream sounded good!

  6. Touring 40 first graders......could be like herding cats. All the best!

  7. I'm glad you are sounding better. Good luck with the museum tours. My hubby volunteers at a mining museum. He manages the cash register and the phone, claiming that children give him hives!!!
    It's neat that your museum offers something for the kids that meshes with the curriculum.
    Two things come to mind that may be fun for the kids. First, they could go on a scavenger hunt. Give them a few types of things to look for and then when an example is found you can tell them more about it. Second idea is to tell them you will give them a piece of paper and pencil at the end and they will be asked to draw something they really liked in the museum and write a sentence (2..3??) about it. Either of those might keep the little guys focused! (If you can contact the teachers you could have them bring paper or have the kids bring notebooks)

  8. Good to hear your voice is comin' back...bless your heart, the tours may be a strain on your irritated vocal cords...drink plenty of warm tea with lemon sweetie!

    The school should have plenty of help to keep the kiddos corralled. If some have to 'wait' for the tours it might be wise to have some colorin' pages or 'busy work' for the kids if they don't have access to a nearby park or something. 'Just sayin'....first graders aren't the most patient beins on earth! Heeeheehehee!

    Sound like you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend!!!

    Geek Son and the Latin' Lovin' Hillbilly has us over for lunch after church services and then Farm Boy and I wandered the local cemetery tryin' to locate all the graves MIL wants to decorate. (with her Alzheimers, she hasn't a clue).

    I thought of you as we were walkin' the sections...this is somethin' Far Side would do! Who knew how interestin' it would be. We saw olden grave markers shaped like stacks of looked like an upright tree trunk. Markers as old as 1805. I'm a bad camera.

    God bless and have a marvelous week yourself sweetie!!! :o)

  9. What a Sweet Guy Far Guy is (pun intentional)!
    I can't think of a nicer gift for Mother's Day.

  10. A cherry sundae and a nap sounds like just the right medicine!

  11. Glad you're getting better although those first graders might send you into a relapse...they're darn cute but also germy! Be careful out there!
    Love the lilac coming on. I planted a miniature one underneath my kitchen windows back on my farm but left before it ever flowered. I was planting fragrant things under my windows so the breezes would blow the scent into the house...saved on air freshner! Ha! Ha! I just love lilacs...their scent holds many dear memories and the minute I smell them they all come flooding back.
    Yum.....Dairy Queen. Do you remember when they used to close for the Winter and that was like the first sign of Spring or Summer when they opened up? Do any of them do that anymore? I think they're all open all year long now. I love ice cream, soft serve....all of it! I went and bought Sugar Cones the other day by those little Keebler Elves and they're not sugar cones at all but those waffle cones which I don't care for. I'd call that false advertising....there's a big difference between them I think. Good luck this week and I hope that darn virus leaves you alone or just leaves!

  12. That Lilac has different leaves to what I'm used to. When we were in the Okanagan the other week, there were lilacs in bloom everywhere. Beautiful!
    Hope you, your volunteers and your voice survive the field trip:)

  13. Tours are the greatest with little kids. I am sure they haven't a clue how old the things are that they are viewing. But they will be interested I am sure. We use to take off and go to the capitol area and see the old dirty things in the Historical Building. We have a beautiful building now but not back then. Get better, summer seems to be coming.

  14. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The thing about first graders is they don't know much. Hope you have fun with the little ones.

  15. give them a sheet of paper with pictures on it -- and when they see the picture on the page that corresponds with something on the Tour they can color it in or circle it.
    Then Give them a sticker at the end of the tour. ha ha

    hey... I'm enjoying hearing our one lonely frog out in our pond -- so I might enjoy listening to you give that tour, too

  16. How would schools get along this time of year with out tours? We have the same thing at our local nature center.


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