Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The fields were full of activity last night.  They were moving equipment with back up alarms to the field across from our driveway.  Irritating.  I was trying to enjoy a quiet evening playing ball with Chance.   Then we both smelled smoke.  A half mile from here they are burning huge brush piles.  The native prairie and several windrows of trees have been annihilated to make way for an irrigator and long french fries that stand up in the box. They have been burning piles of brush the past four or five days. IMG_0759I took this photo the other day when the wind was from the east..yesterday the wind was from the west and we were getting the smoke smell. It is so dry..I wonder how they got a permit to burn..but then again perhaps corporate farmers are above the rules.

The smoke smell was nothing to worry about.  We need rain. It is very dry.

We saw some critters..

In the fields

Then we saw our neighbor working in his fields.


I saw the beef cattle in the corner of the pasture..two of them were staring off into the field..strange.

Fox in the field

It isn’t normal to see a fox like this.  He had an injured back leg..perhaps from a run in with the beef cattle.  Chance barked at him.  The fox ran and the beef cattle ran too. Strange.  It was like they were chasing the fox.

Fox running from the beef cattle

He took off at a pretty good clip..limping but still running. 

After that we saw some Canada Geese and then we came home.  We enjoyed our ride through the neighborhood looking at all the fields:)

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  1. Well, what a pleasant evening. Glad you got to enjoy it with Chance.

  2. Very interesting ride you had with Chance. I usually go for a walk in the evening but I never see very interesting things as I live in the city. :(

  3. Very interesting ride you had with Chance. I usually go for a walk in the evening but I never see very interesting things as I live in the city. :(

  4. Lots going on in your neighborhood. I'm glad you had time to capture it.

  5. Poor fox. I hope he recovers. It isn't normal to see one laying down like that.

  6. Sorry, Farm Boy would be one of those annoyin' farmers. He crawled on a tractor after he got home from work and plowed 'till he couldn't go anymore. Soybeans need to be in the ground by May 10th. We don't have any neighbors close enough to annoy though. Heeehehehehe!!!

    Great shot of the fox...cattle usually don't bother 'em but our donkeys will. We keep donkeys with our cattle to protect 'em from coyotes, wild pack dogs, wolves and the like. We have bear and big cat's 'round here too.

    God bless and hope ya have a great day void of any beepin' and smoke!!! :o)

    1. Hi Nezzy, They moved equipment backwards with many back up alarms for over an hour..I am not sure what they were doing other than lining up about twenty tractors in that field. If they had been going forward it would have not been a big deal..but backwards??:(

  7. Awesome photos ! A lot of farmers here in their fields as well getting it all prepared for their harvests come fall ! We have had lots of rain here looking for dryer weather now. Hope you get rains soon ! Have a good day !

  8. Poor fox! I hope it survives.
    I hate that back up beeping, too.
    We've had so much rain here, I guess you guys haven't gotten as much as we have. Or maybe it's deceptive and there have been more clouds than rain...and the rain has been light? Hummm. Now you have me wanting to google...LOL! ;)

  9. We had that all winter where they are perparing the land for our new fairgrounds.
    Thanks for taking us on your trip, enjoyed it very much.

  10. I wouldn't want to meet that fox. They look dangerous. Progress...is it really progress?

  11. We have foxes that skirt our town between farm fields and timber. We hear the coyotes at all times of the night here as they travel up and down a wetland area right outside of town. The sounds of machinery tends to remind me of all those movies where they come in clear the land to build skyscrapers or new housing development.

  12. It's pretty much been my experience that corporate farmers are above the law.
    Glad nothing happened from them burning.

    Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

  13. We are extremely dry here also. We need rain. They are cutting back our irrigation water to levels we usually see in August. Sure is scary.


  14. Great to see the old Farmall at work. Looks like one I used to drive.

  15. Happy May Day! Did you get any baskets? I didn't but one of my sons actually called and left me a message wishing me a Happy May Day...who knew? I despise Corporate Farms. We have fire problems here too and they put out warnings and it's then that the nuts come out and start burning! What's up with that? It got to 87 today and humid and my body reacted terrribly...I've exhausted and haven't really done anything. I don't do well in heat. Did you start back to the museum today? Take care! Oh, I love your new border. Did you carve those birds? TTYL!

  16. You win some and lose some. You see some interesting critters and then some yahoo burns some valuable stuff and smokes you out.

  17. Foxes are pretty to look at but know that they aren't welcome around farms. Don't you hate for a wild animal to have an injury cuz they won't get help. You and Chance always find interesting stuff in the everyday life.
    Happy May Day - - - and you went back to work today?

  18. We are drying out quickly here. It has tried to rain. someone said they got a six incher. I was shocked. then he explained a few drops about six inches apart!

    May we all get the rain we need.

  19. Yeesh. Morons. I'm glad you saw the good stuff too though.

    Hey, could you post a May Day prompt about a week out next year? That's a new one on me, but I'd love to play along :-).


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