Monday, June 7, 2010

Wildflowers: June 07, 2010

The Canada Anemone or Anemone canadensis is in lovely form this year, it was a bit dusty the day I took the photos.  It is a native plant.  It spreads by underground rhizomes.  The key to identifying this one is the yellow centers.

Daisy Fleabane or Erigeron annuus is another native plant that will bloom off and on all summer long.  The ray flowers can vary in shades from pink to white.  The center or the disk flowers are always yellow. This is the most common fleabane found in Minnesota. This plant is in the Aster of my favorite families of flowers.

False Solomon's Seal or Smilacina racemosa is native to Minnesota.  Later on it will have red berries that are non-edible.

Last but not least is Wild Sarsaparilla or Aralia nudicaulis.  This is the mystery plant that Far Guy found one day last week behind his greenhouse.   The four flower heads are on a leafless flower stalk.  The roots of this plant have been used to make root beer.

Here is a little different view.  It is a very pretty little bloom.  Far Guy loves the native Wildflowers as much as I do.  We love learning about different wildflowers almost every day!!

Today it is back to the grindstone, we are having a garage sale garage is all cleaned up.. finally.  I must have missed cleaning it out last year, we have found "stuff" out there in the rafters that neither of us would sick is that.  Either someone is putting "stuff" up there without telling us, or we are both getting old and forgetful:)
**Blogger was a big pain today..what was up with that?


  1. I am finally going through the house to do a garage sale later this summer,yuck! So much stuff that has to go!

  2. I've been losing comments, waiting for long periods for things to load... I don't know what's up with blogger today. But wildflowers especially yours, make it worth the wait!

  3. We see some of these in the U.P. but everytime I photograph wildflowers, I have forgotten the names of them. LOL

  4. I've seen so many of these in the woods, but never learned the names.... Thanks for your wildflower posts!

  5. I thoroughly enjoy your wildflower posts. Best wishes with the garage sale ~ that's something I don't enjoy but we often get so much junk accumulated, it is necessary. I think those same folks are sneaking stuff into our basement that put stuff in your rafters!

  6. Blogger would not let me post until this afternoon,said it was down for repairs. Great flowers

  7. I think someone has been filling up our barn with "stuff" too! What a heap of junk...
    I've seen several blogs complaining about Blogger today. They must have had a glitch :)

    Kisses for Chance,
    Emma Rose

  8. We have the same beautiful wildflowers here but now I know what they are called. It's part of the charm of the country to see flowers blooming all around.

    I hope you have great success with your garage sale and no more mysterious items appear in your garage.

    I tried leaving comments yesterday and some blogger blogs definitely weren't working.

  9. Your posting prolific and I'm getting on the blogs sporadically.

    I've seen the same or similar flowers here. I love to see what their names are. There is an elderly (wow, that's a relative statement now) woman in my birding group who is a wildflower expert. I love to bird with her and ask her whats what.

    Would love to go flower walking with you.


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