Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glory of the Morning

This morning the phone rang early, yes Far Guy was up and Chance was outside lounging in front of the door.  I was on the couch trying to figure out if I was going to go back to sleep or get up for the whole day.  It was my cousin Chuckie, whose real name is Melvin..go figure.   He gets up about four am.. by that time I have have only been asleep an hour or two.

As I was lying there contemplating what to do,  Far Guy hollered "Chuckie says the morning glories are blooming."   I hollered back "Wanna go out for breakfast?"  "Wanna go to the flea market."  He replied "Sure" so off we went.

The local Flea Market starts at seven am and most of the time is closed up by two pm.  I have never figured those people out.  Their Flea Market is only on Thursdays.  If they are all set up, why don't they make an entire day of it?   Perhaps they just want the tourist crowd, forget the locals...especially the working locals who just might have some extra money to part with.  The retirees..well maybe they will spend a dollar or my case three whole dollars for several old books I can remember reading as a child. The Bobbsey Twins..the one with them sledding down the hill. Annette, Mystery at Medicine Wheel and Lassie and the Mystery of Blackberry Bog.  I have collected enough of these old books that I should probably keep track of which ones I have. 

Last night Jo and I made a quick trip into town to see what my Mom had on her sale, she is hosting a garage sale that benefits the Hospital Auxiliary group she belongs to.  I found some odds and ends for the grands..nothing too exciting.

 Then I spotted a cute little box, inside was a tiny tea cup and saucer and a tea pot with a all fits neatly inside the box.  Somehow I am drawn like a moth to a flame to anything that has it's own container.   It must be the anal retentive part of the organizational me that wants everything in it's place, preferably in it's own box.  Well for 50 cents I was sold. 

This morning we ended up way south of town, at what was advertised on a sign as a moving sale.  It turned out to be a pole barn full of "Stuff"  so much stuff that it was amazing.  If it was a moving sale they were just moving from one storage facility to another..and they wanted top dollar for their "stuff" too.  As I wandered around, I said "Holy Cats they sure know what they want for their junk, don't they..but then perhaps I am a cranky old woman."  Another gentleman said " My thoughts exactly, guess I am a cranky old man."  A younger than me lady said "And I thought I had junk."   I walked away with nothing..and for me that is a strange occurrence.  I don't know where they got this stuff from, but even Far Guy said "That "stuff" was dirty."  He didn't buy anything either.

I always look for the same things at any kind of sale.  Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments, cook books that were collection's of recipes of church women or groups of women, old photographs, old postcards and old books that I have read.  Sometimes I look at the glassware.. for old bowls..if it is something that I recall as a child..then I am probably going to purchase it.  The old photos I buy for my other blog, this morning there was an album that had 30 photos in it for 50 stayed there. What do you look for at garage sales?:)


  1. Copper is the first thing that catches my eye. I collect copper pieces and have way too many of them. I used to look for anything in wood that I could do decorative painting on, also nice frames for framing canvas. Now I mostly look for things I might be able to use in the 5th wheel when we go camping.

    The Duchess

  2. I wonder if the "Pickers" need to head up your way for awhile?

    Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are my most favorite of all plants. They do NOT start blooming here until late August. You are soooooooo lucky.


  3. Thanks foe the gorgeous pix of morning glories......they have long been one of my favorites in spite of their tendency to wrap a tendril around you and strangle you if you stand still beside them for too long.

  4. I have a nice collection of COW CREAMERS!
    And even now that the curio cabinet I have mine displayed in is fully loaded...I still am drawn to any cold Cow Creamers I might see at a flea market or garage sale! There are still a couple that I would love to my price range of course!!
    My husband collects MILK BOTTLES! It's fun to find some bottles that are from Commercial Farm Dairies that were in business years ago now. Most all have their names on the bottles.
    Some are decorated w/various pictures, such as a cow or a rural scene, etc. And some very old milk bottles even have colors in their advertisement of their dairy on their bottles.
    All shapes and sizes too!
    Most all of the private dairies in my area of NW Pennsylvania have been out of business a long time now. I remember one particular Farm Dairy Story that you could actually watch the cows being milked, as they had a glass enclosed area of the milking parlor for the public to enjoy!

  5. Hi Connie, The morning glories are so cheerful. I look for cookbooks, especially those from church groups and I love old greeting cards with sweet illustrations on them.

  6. I go in with an open mind. If I see something that triggers a good memory, then I'll probably be bringing it home unless its too expensive. I look for gently used leather purses and have been lucky a few times. I buy kids play clothes, interesting wall clocks, green "Ball" jars and one time even came home with a live kitten that became part of our family for over 17 years!

  7. I look for about the same cookbooks and other old books. The tea pot and cup is a good find.
    Now because of you I look for old photo's. lol pretty morning glory

  8. The Morning Glories are fabulous.

    I look for what grabs me.

    This past weekend I bought two chairs and a five by nine foot seisel rug...I know I did not spell that right but does not make it less of a treasure.

    At the ICARE sale, I bought books and more books. I read them and donate them to the women's shelter.

  9. Gorgeous Morning Glory pictures. I too would have bought that tea set, very good find.

    I look for interesting dishes and books. I also look for stuffed animals for PD. He eventually tears them apart so I'm careful to find the kind with only fiberfill and none of those styrofoam pellets.

    I refuse to pay full price for books or stuffed animals for the dog. I love garage sales.

  10. I LOVE garage sales, and estate sales...I have picked up the neatest stuff at them. I agree that overpriced ones will cause me to pick up two or three things and head straight for the car without looking at the rest if they are overpriced. ha

  11. The tea cup, saucer, and tea pot are adorable - - and only 50 cents? That's crazy good. I don't do yard sales too much because after working all week, I like to stay home on Saturdays. However, I LOVE a sale inside an air-conditioned mall!!!

  12. What fabulous flowers - they are shining with glory!

  13. Cookbooks are the first thing I'm drawn too....and teacups! I can't grow morning glory's worth a hoot.

  14. Yard/garage/moving sales are difficult for me...If I don't buy anything, I feel I have insulted the person; their stuff is not good enough for me...however, I'm also a bit frugal...anyway, the last thing I purchased at a sale was a milk can with a tractor seat on it...painted it green and yellow and it sits by the fire's comfortable and I like it...

  15. I recycle household items into garden art so I look for unusual lamps, candlesticks, dishes, teapots and teacups, and whatever else strikes my eye. Anything garden or nature oriented. I also look for old books for my history fanatic daughter (she reminds me of you - lol). We stopped a thrift store today and came home with a cabinet for my daughter's historical papers, a ornamental metal letter P to go beside her front door and a white satin camisole top (she is part of a medieval reeanctment group so she will use it as part of a costume). My other daughter snagged a pair of jeans, a purse and a book. I got a Chinese ceramic planter and 2 wooden signs - one for coffee and one for tea. The signs will go in my Flower Cafe garden area.

  16. oh man do i love morning glories. and i also love the morning.

  17. I went antiquing (junk shops ha ha) with family in Arizona. I was rolling my eyes. I wouldn't know what to buy.
    It all just reminds me too much of growing up with nothing new. We used it up, wore it out, made it do, or did without.

    Not saying I like to shop for new things either. ha ha.

  18. Haven't been in years. Dirt checked out a local "farm sale" the other day - basically he said it was a racket. Friend of mine had a quilt last night that she got at a garage sale, made me envious of having the time and cash to stop in to them.


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