Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wistful Wednesday : Snow

We have quite a snowbank.  Snowbank= The pile you create by clearing snow from your yard.  We have a number of them.  We had a snowdrift in front of the door that almost blocked our exit. Luckily Far Guy could push the door open enough to get outside to get a shovel.
snow banks 2018 March 6
We should name them…this one would be June.
In March of 2006 we had a similar snowbank.
March 2006
Paige, Maddie and Savannah with Chance.
Brings to mind another snow photo.
Grandkids in snow Dec 2009
Adam, Maddie with Chance, Noah with Miss Miney and Paige in 2009. They were all so little then…and now they are all grown up.
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  1. I was just looking at some photos from 2009 too. Boy have the grands grown!
    We had soft heavy wet snow that is now rock hard.
    We don't have those huge piles though this year as we have not had much snow at all. Mostly ice and rain storms.

  2. My Dad had a snowbank that reached half way up his back door, and he couldn't open the door. That kind of thing is rare over here. The wind did it.

  3. Great pictures and memories.

  4. Fun to see the two pictures taken from the same place almost a decade later. Glad FG was able to open the door enough to get the shovel. :-)

  5. I liked the two photos of the grandchildren and the dogs. So much fun to remember.

  6. You have literally taken a photographic history of your life and your family....that is really wonderful and thanks for sharing.

  7. We don't get the big snowbanks here. but I remember the big snowbanks in Saskatchewan.

  8. Lovely photos . Wow you still have lots of snow left . We just got a bit of wet snow that accumulated to 2 cm or less than 1 inch last night and most of it is melted already as the land and air are so warm and when the sun is out even warmer . Hope all is well with you FG and Chance . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Replies
    1. Yes, where visitors can park and in front of our garages:)

  10. Yup--I think the snow stick might be covered for a while--LOL! ;)

  11. Nice to see the pictures from then and more recent.
    That's a LOT of snow.

  12. I think you are correct Rita. My guess of March 21st is way too early!

  13. It is good to have some sun though. Now I have snowbanks out along the hayfield. Running out of places!

  14. You have a lot of snow! We have one little patch left in a sheltered spot in the back field. I was happy to miss the last 10 inch dump we got here. It is starting to feel somewhat Spring like now.

  15. I like seeing all the photos of the little grands. Time just seems to fly by too fast.


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