Sunday, March 11, 2018


I did not go to the winter craft retreat for the weekend but I did go over and visit a little and to work on a project yesterday.  Far Guy was watching High School Hockey on TV and Chance kept him company while I was gone.

While I was there Jen gave a demonstration on Alcohol Inks.  Very interesting and beautiful designs can be made.

The ink is put on special paper called Yupo.

alcohol ink

Jen put drops of paint on the special paper and then a bit of alcohol and then gently blew on the paper.

completed paper

It is messy…and the designs can change as they dry. Jen put plastic down on the table before she began.  Jen will use the paper in her card making.

Jen had a special die that I used for my project… May Baskets.  The baskets are all cut out and I will put them together in the next few weeks… I like playing with paper. These are small baskets…they will hold some jelly beans or maybe some gum.  The girls suggested that they would hold cash quite nicely.

May baskets

It was a relaxing couple of hours. It is fun to see what everyone was working on.  There were scrapbookers and card makers…and Jamie was doing business book work. Sometimes there are gals that sew…and some that work on electronic scrapbooking. There are no restrictions you can bring what ever craft/busy work you want to work on for the weekend.  I will go again in the Fall and work on Christmas Cards.

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  1. That would be a fun time together. I always look forward to seeing your May baskets. Interesting about the alcohol inks and special paper - I might could do that! lol

  2. Looks messy but fun -- and will make very nice may baskets. I wish I could find a group like that.

  3. You can paint with watercolors on Yupo, too.

  4. I'd like to find a similar group, too. Your group and projects sound fun and productive.

  5. Oh! I just bought yupo paper in January and Tim Holtz alcohol ink paper this month. I already had some alcohol inks, canned air, and rubbing alcohol, so I planned on trying this messy but fun method myself pretty soon. What a fun group. You already have a head start on your May baskets, too! :)

  6. Having a die that cuts out the baskets is such a great idea!!

  7. I wish I could do crafty things that looked good but my craft looks terrible

  8. I am glad you got to go for the one day. It encourages yourself and others as you share the projects. I have not heard of that kind of ink. I was with my wife a few days ago at the scrapbooking section and they have invented so many machines that do different things.

  9. That's rather strange looking ink, but very pretty. It seems there is no shortage of stuff for people to work on. You are one of the busiest people I know. :-)

  10. I'm glad you got to go for the one day. It sounds fun, and it would have been a shame if you hadn't been able to go for at least a little while.

  11. How fun and how nice to have a group to share your 'craftiness'. What's really funny is that my daughter is an elementary art teacher and she just got done telling me about the alcohol painting that she did in her classes. She also taught it at a church retreat. It must be all the rage right now! LOL!


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