Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Watery Wednesday : Larson’s Landing and Veen’s Marine

It was a long flood, it went on for weeks and weeks. When I could manage the pumps Far Guy went back to work.  The dogs evenually came home.

Travel was by boat only.  Far Guy would go to work and get groceries before he came home.

The place where we landed the boat and left a vehicle was called Larson’s Landing and Veen’s Marine.

Veens and Larsons 1

Veen’s Marine offered Cold Beverages, Across the Lake, Boat Rental and something else I cannot read possibly gasoline! 

Welcome to Larson’s Landing on Shure Lake.

Larsons house on the right

That is Larson’s house on the right, they built that house and sold their old house to us.  We  sold it to some crazy people who didn’t care if it flooded (we showed them photos) and they sold it back to one of the Larson boys.

Larsons and Veen 3

That would be us “the boat people”  Captain and Mate might have been visiting but they would soon come home.

Larsons and veens 2

My Dad and Gene doing something with the boat motor. I put a star above our house.

Veens and Larsons 5

This road had a bridge that Lake Shure went under. In the photo the entire road is underwater.

During the daytime dike watch I watched people come and go.  A fellow a few circles down from us bought a hover craft to go back and forth to work. Our neighbors were all really good, if someone was going to town they would ask if you needed anything or if you needed a ride across the water.

We wondered when we could quit boating…next week you will find out.

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DJan said...

Boy that really was some flood, and it lasted for a long time. I am glad we are winding down and the water is finally beginning to recede.

Lynda said...

I have been reading this even though I haven't had time for comments much. It is making me tired what you all went through. All we had one time was a flooded basement because the wall was compromised and had to be rebuilt - - - and that about wore us out - - cleaning up the mess!
Glad you were able to sell and proud of you for telling the future owners about the flood. We have always tried to be honest when we sell stuff, too.

Rita said...

Funny the people you sold to didn't care if it flooded. Very curious.
I bet the dogs were all glad to be back home and together...and you were glad to have them there again, too. What an ordeal!!

Red said...

I hope they learned something out of this flood so that it can be prevented from happening again.

Cynthia said...

Surprising anyone would look at the photos and still buy the house. Lots of faith that it truly was a 500 year flood, I guess.

Karen said...

At least the sun is shining, that makes everything better ;-) Glad that the end is in sight! Wow, I'm glad you were able to sell the house, hopefully for a fair price.

Sam I Am...... said...

Most disasters are quick and then there's cleanup but yours went on and on and on. Kind of like my leaky porch roof but much, much comparison. It takes strong stock to weather something like that!