Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

I hope you get a special May Basket today!

I made one early delivery to three special kids, one of whom told me “You can’t come in here, this is my Gramma’s house!”   Then we had an arguement about his Grandpa…and the possibility that his Grandpa could have a sister!


They were just finishing up their supper and were real curious about what I had in my cake pan.


Treats are treats upside down or right side up.

Vivians first May Basket

This is little Vivian with her first May Basket!

All three kids

Happy Kids…and I got two hugs!

I have the rest of the baskets ready to deliver today!  Hopefully more photos will follow tomorrow! Perhaps the snow will miss us.


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  1. Such precious children. They look very happy with their May Day baskets. I was telling John how fun it has been over the years to see your May Day posts.
    Have a wonderful day. xoxo

  2. Hm, I don't think Vivian quite trusts you with that May basket thing! Lol. Such cuties.
    Happy May Day

  3. So much fun and such precious children. Happy May Day

  4. I never got around to making :-)May baskets, but I think I'll treat the neighborhood kids to a bit of candy today, why not? Thanks for the reminder, and the great pictures! :-)

  5. Cute little kid pix! You're off to a great start. Happy May Day!

  6. Beautiful pictures of beautiful children! It's a long time since I made a May basket...something I used to do with my primary classes.

  7. Thank you for this post! It is much better than the news of protests and dark hour rioting we may get on the news later.

  8. Sweetie Pies!!
    Ian seems quite puzzled about me being Dagan's mama. So fun at these young ages.
    I think the snow is passing us by over here. :)

  9. How cute, kids can be so serious and protecting
    Happy May Day to you.

  10. I have fond memories of making and delivering May baskets as a kid growing up in South Dakota. They don't seem to do this activity on the West coast.

  11. Oh, how sweet. I had never heard of May Day baskets until I met you...through our blogs. Hope those old shots didn't make Chance feel too bad. He is a good boy!

  12. diane in northern wisMay 1, 2017 at 9:03 PM

    Great job on those May baskets! Oh how I miss the old days of delivering May baskets. I might have to make some up next year, if I think of it a few days before hand. Thanks for the ideas!

  13. So cute! Happy Belated May Day to you!


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