Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chance : The Hunt

Hiya!  My turn!  Finally! Didja miss me?  Sometimes I have to beg to get a turn.

We have one of those Chippys that hides in the bottom part of the grill.  I can smell the little bugger.  Sometimes I hunt him for hours…and bark.

Far Side took some photos of me hunting.

On the hunt

I can smell him but I cannot see him.  Can you?

Where is it

Where is that tasty morsel little rascal?

I can almost smell it

My nose is going 40 mph.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek…I am seeking…he is hiding.

Foiled again

He lives to see another day.

Sometimes it is all about the chase and not the capture.



  1. Hey, this is Bob the Border Collie and I've never sniffed a chipmunk but they sure sound like fun! Yeh!! Yeh!! Yeh!! I'd like to get my nose on one of those!!! I'll trade you a couple squirrels for a chipmunk!! How bout it!! Huh?! Huh?! Huh!!! You have a good day there, Chance!!!

  2. Hi Chance! Theo and I have not seen any chipmunks here, yet, but several deer. You keep on seeking that bugger! Have a good day.

  3. I'm sure you wouldn't want to actually catch Chippy, then who would you hunt? But good for you for keeping him in line!

  4. Go for it, Chance! Those little buggers sure are tough to deal with. Gypsy and Tucker are tantalized by bunnies that hide under the mower deck. They can smell them.... and hear them.... but they can't get close to them. Darn!

  5. Dear Chance,
    I sit so very close and watch my ground squirrels eat but can't get at them through the screen...and they know it. Best of luck!
    Miss Karma

  6. I'm glad you are back Chance. Mom and I like to read your writings! Boomer


  7. One of these days you will catch him, Chance. Then he will be sorry. ^_^

  8. Good to hear from ya chance. Good story on the chipmunk.

  9. That should be an Olympic event: The Chippy Chase!

  10. Cute photos of Chance looking for the chipper.

  11. You are looking good, Chance. Glad to see you back, and yes I missed you! :-)

  12. We will always remember the times when Button loved chasing the chipper in the bushes on Grand Marais' artist point. He would remember that they lived there from summer to summer and he would run to check them out each year. He was kept busy there while we would have coffee and rolls. Button lives but is under a lot of one on one care these days.

  13. I like this! Life is many times all about the chase, isn't it!

  14. Hmm. Chance, what wine would you pair with fresh Chipper? You were very close - very close indeed!


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